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Cycle Of Awesome

Cycle Of Awesome Love of Basketball I was a basketball fanatic growing up.  It was the love of my life.  I played year round on competitive teams and as a freshman, started for my high school’s varsity team.  Basketball was my purpose, my passion in life.  My teammates were my best friends and I was […]

Macro Friendly Hummus

Macro-Friendly Hummus A Guest Post by Rachel of www.tinylittlebites.com I am super excited to collaborate with another Mom who share a love for food fitness and HUMMUS.  Rachel is a mom of two littles, fellow foodie, entrepreneur, and creative food photog. Her blog shares some amazing recipes that are both healthy and indulgent.  This week […]

Senita Athletics Spring Review

Senita Athletics Spring Review The summer hit us hard.  Wait…I meant spring:( In AZ we went from winter coats and beanies to booty shorts and tanks in a matter of days. I am not ready to fully commit to summer.  I still need a few months of keeping my house open to the spring breeze, […]

On-The-Go Snack Bars Worth Buying

On-The-Go Snack Bars Worth Buying Post may contain affiliate links You are on the go every day. Aren’t we all? You need that something you can grab real quick to hold you over during the middle of your shift, while you are out in the field or between patients or clients.  Bars have turned into […]