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Restaurant Review: Phoenix Public Market Cafe

I am a foodie!  I love to eat and I love to eat at new places that are local, not big chains and offer some type of unique setting.  This week’s review is one I’ve been wanting to get to but just never hit the timing right.  Phoenix Public Market Cafe is located in the heart of busy downtown Phoenix.  The coolest part is that it is attached to the Open Air farmers’s market that takes place on Saturday mornings.  You can enjoy an awesome farmer’s market and then hit up the café for a breakfast or lunch.  Even more awesome, is much of the produce used in their meals comes from the local vendors of the market.

The market’s vibe is an industrial  feel–raw brick finish, industrial-ish furniture, open and bright. The café offers some unique breakfast and lunch dishes geared toward health conscience people (didn’t pay much attention to dinner because of the time of day we went).  They have an excellent coffee bar which transitions into a great evening option for happy hour too. There was a great selection of unique dishes-something for everyone. I selected a gluten free dish called “The Evans Churchill”.  It was a gorgeous bed of quinoa with 2 poached eggs, mixed broccoli, peppers and onions, a small amount of pesto and a drizzle of agave syrup.  It was seriously amazing!  The combination of flavors was unique, distinct and I loved every bite!

I love trying meals and macroing them out in my head (I know I am crazy).  I think eggs are important and a great fat to have on board for many reasons.  I make room for an egg yolk each day.  Today—it was worth 2!  To save fat, I pushed my pesto to the side because  of its high fat content but did sample a taste of the pesto flavor in a bite (It was delicious and not overwhelming like many pestos).

One of the many questions I get from clients is “How do I eat out?”  So–in each restaurant review I’ll show you my estimations for tracking my meal out and how I decide what to say yeah to and what to say nah to.  Many restaurants include their own nutritional menu, but I tend to frequent smaller locations that don’t provide that info. I use the My Fitness Pal data base to find the most similar options to the meal I am about to enjoy.  Eating out requries a great deal of estimation and honesty.  I always error on the side of more knowing I can’t measure and that there is often hidden fat that I can’t account for.  Here is the stats for the “Evans Churchill”:

Macro Stats:

1 Cup Quinoa:    3.5F/39C/8P

2 Poached Eggs: 10F/0C/15P

½ Cup Broccoli: 0F/3C/1P

¼ Cup Red bell pepper:0F/2C/0P

¼ Cup Onions:0

1 Tbls Pesto: 0 (I passed to save fat)

1 Tbls Agave Syrup: 0F/16C/0P (You could easily ask for no syrup to save carbs too)

Total Estimation: 14 F/60c/25 P…and worth every single macro!

I highly recommend the Phoenix Public Market Cafe for an all around awesome experience!  It’s quality is outstanding and with so many options, your whole family will love it!


Phoenix Public Market Cafe



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