5 Features You Didn’t Know About MyFitnessPal

5 Features You Didn’t Know About MyFitnessPal


If you ask me, or the millions of other nutrition coaches out there, the real difference in nutritional success is accountability.  Writing down, documenting, and recording your intake leads to nutritional success. This is nothing new and I see it in my own clients daily.


I have all of my clients use the app MyFitnessPal.  I love its ease of use, its flexibility, the huge food database and the cost…FREE.  It also allows you to opt for an upgraded option for $10 a month with access to more features.


I’ve discovered along the way though that there are a few features that my clients just don’t know about.  I know there has to be thousands of others out there missing out on these same awesome features that will make its use much more simple.  These features can offer some reprieve from the tediousness of tracking in the beginning and is guaranteed to make your tracking more efficient.


1. Turn It Sideways

When new clients begin with me, one of the areas they tend to struggle with is learning how to balance their meals.  I provide them with some general macro nutrient meal goals in the beginning in order to help give them some guidance.  That way they aren’t left feeling glutinous before bed.

While looking at your diary, a quick turning of the phone sideways allows for you to get a great view of the meal breakdown.  You can see how many grams of each nutrient you took in or have planned for in order to work towards meal balance.


To get the meal break down view below.


2.Tap The Top Toolbar

I’ve noticed that I was spending so much time clicking several buttons to go between my diary and my daily totals.  Then viola–I discovered the most simple of all hidden features: the top toolbar tap.

Simply tap the toolbar on your running totals for the day and it will take you right to your macro nutrient goal screen.  Boom…You are welcome!

3.Change Your Diary Headings

Many of my clients have performance goals so we spend time working on nutrient timing and pre and post-workout ratios.  This might be my favorite option in MFP because it allows you to really zone in on where you are budgeting which macros.


You can change your diary meal descriptions from a desktop ONLY by going into the settings option.


Select “Diary Settings”

From there you can rename each meal description to your liking.  I like to have my clients add pre-workout and post-workout to the already existent breakfast, lunch , dinner and snacks.


4. Copy Meals

Using MyFitnessPal can be tedious at first.  I get it, I totally get it.  But utilizing some of the features geared toward efficiency eliminates a bit of that.  One of those features is the ability to copy meals.  I use this feature often in many situations.

I always over prepare dinner.  I like to make more than enough at dinner to create lunch for the next day for both my husband and I.

The copy feature allows me to copy my dinner into tomorrow’s lunch.  This saves me the time of having to enter each meal item again when I eat my leftovers for lunch.  I love efficiency and planning ahead!


First tap the small dots in the meal you wish to copy from.


Next, select the option “Copy From” or “Copy To.”

You will then select the meal you wish to copy to.



The copy feature also allows my husband to copy my meal into his diary as well. He can go into my diary and follow the same steps as above.  He can then adjust his portion sizes if needed.  This is awesome if you are at a party or a friend who uses MFP has input a recipe that you can copy into your own.


5. Recipes

Do you have a favorite morning coffee routine?  

A weekly go-to staple in your dinner rotation?  

MyFitnessPal allows you to create a recipe of your own so that you can enter it one time and utilize it over and over again.  This saves you time from entering each ingredient manually every time you enjoy it.


First, go to “Add Food”.


You will notice the recipe option on the far right.

Then select “Enter Ingredients Manually”

You will then type in your recipe information and the number of servings.


My example is a simple Morning Coffee combo that will serve 1.


Select “Add Ingredient”


You will then search for each ingredient that will be included inside the recipe.  You will select each ingredient and confirm its nutritional validity. It will add that ingredient to the recipe along with the nutritional values.



When the recipe is done you will be able to view the name, servings and all nutritional information to confirm its contents.



You will then notice it adds that recipe to your Recipe tab for future use.

You can also add recipes similarly from your desktop.

I hope these not-so-obvious features on MyFitnessPal help make your journaling and tracking experience even easier!

Did I miss your favorite not-so-obvious feature on MFP?  Comment below and share!

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  1. Chris Peach
    Chris Peach says:

    Wow! I wish I would have known a few of these a year ago. I didn’t even low about turning the phone sideways. This is perfect- bookmarking this post 🙂


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