Holiday Gift Ideas for a Nutrition Nut (or newbie)

Holiday Gift Ideas for a Nutrition Nut (or newbie)

Are you or do you know someone that is looking to make major health changes in their life? Or maybe you are a nutrition nut (like me!) and want some awesome gifts to make meal prep as simple and fun as you ring in a new year of great health!  Check out these holiday gift ideas that are a major win for any level of nutritional experience.

Christmas (and birthdays too) can be filled with a whole lot of mindless gift gifting.  We wait far too long to buy gifts and then succumb to convenience and buy a holiday gift that gets shoved in the back of the closet.  Or worse, said gift goes right to the Goodwill donation pile.  I am totally biased, but if you invest in giving someone a gift that is both useful and thoughtful then it is a win for everybody.

I have had the opportunity to try and tinker with many kitchen gadgets.  Some are useful but would see rare use in my own kitchen because of the size, what it prepares or cost.  I’ve created a list of a few “go-to” items that range in a price point that will add so much value to the person and kitchen you give it to this holiday season.

11 Holiday Gift Ideas for a Nutrition Nut or Newbie

1. Kitchenaid Spiralizer

The Kitchen Aide Spiralizer has been a major game changer in the kitchen for me.  After becoming gluten-free, I needed a healthy “noodle” supplement and found “Zoodles” to be just the right thing.  This Kitchenaid Spiralizer Mixer attachment was gifted to me last holiday season by my MIL who knows me well.  It can spiralize zucchini, apples, potatoes and pretty much anything your little heart desires. It also peels and cores and has several attachments to change the type of noodle made. And…my kids think it is the coolest!

2. Kitchenaid Mixer

The Kitchenaid Spiralizer can only be used if you have a Kitchenaid Mixer to use this attachment.  I have had my cute, little, canary yellow Kitchenaid mixer for years and it gets a tone of use.  It is great for baking but all of the attachments it offers tend to be the reason I use it most often.

3. Simple Spiralizer

If you don’t have a Kitchenaid Mixer, don’t worry you are still in luck. Try this hand-held spiralizer out instead.  It will accomplish the same task for you with a much lower hit to the wallet.  However, the Kitchenaid attachment is still hard to beat for the quality.

 4. Magic Bullet

I’ve used my Magic Bullet so much that it is covered in who knows what from over 11 years of marriage and two children.  It is “magic” and does the job of coffee frothing to smoothie making in one quick step, with easy clean-up and without a hefty price tag.  I also made every ounce of my kids’ baby food in it and it is still kicking!  I love all the attachments and screw on lids for to-go options.

5. Aerolatte Milk Frother

I am a coffee addict.  But I like my own version of a healthy latte that is rich, smooth and frothy.   This little gadget makes my morning coffee ritual simple and mess free! It helps you have that coffee shop coffee without all the junk and added calories! I’ve actually given this as a gift often and people LOVE it and end up using all the time!  Pair it with a sturdy mug and some delicious roasted beans and it could be an awesome gift for anybody or for your holiday gift exchange.

6. Glass Storage Containers

Every person needs these.  No matter what type of nutritional regimen you have, preparing your own food and having bonus food for leftovers makes meal prep easy and efficient.  Grab some of these glass containers so you can reheat your food right in them.  Bonus: Glass is better for you and the environment (tree hugger moment:)

7. Plastic Storage Containers

If glass containers are too bulky or unreasonable for your commute, you can opt for a more simple option.  These plastic containers are more cost effective, stack nicely in the refrigerator and are super simple to pack for work or school. They too would make a great holiday gift stocking stuffer.

8. Instant Pot

I am seriously addicted to this one!  I prretty much use it multiple times a week now.  It is simple, combines pressure and slow cooking and a whole array of other awesome features. It literally turns frozen chicken breasts to shredded goodness in under 30 minutes… BOOMSHAKALAKA!  I also use it to make my weekly stock pile of hard boiled eggs.  You can click here to see the IP in action and to get my favorite healthy egg salad recipe.

9. Air Fryer

I am not gonna lie.  I was extremely reluctant to try the Air Fryer because I didn’t need one more thing.  This little handy gadget though can come through with that lightly fried finish that some foods just need without the mess of oil or the macronutrient fat Bomb!  You can put in so many yummy food options for a solid golden finish.

You can buy the air fryer in multiple sizes to accommodate more food.  My opinion is go big, especially if you are feeding a family so you don’t have to do multiple batches for one meal.

10. Digital Food Scale

When making nutritional changes, a scale can be a major help when beginning to learn portion sizing.  This is the one I use every day and is simple and cheap!  Great for a little stocking stuffer too or to travel with. It is simple to use and has the option to change units of measure.  This is a must if you are starting your macro tracking journey.

11. Thrive Market

Last, but certianly not least, is the ultimate awesome gift for a nutrition nut or someone who is ready for transformation to healthy living. If you haven’t heard about Thrive market you are missing out! Think of Thrive as Costco meets Whole Foods all via a virtual store.  Essentially you pay an annual membership to get amazing prices on high quality products including food, supplements, toiletries and home essentials.  The awesome part is shipping is FREE too for orders over $49!

You can shop for specific products via their online catalog, with all prices typically 25-30% below retail value.  Some of my favorite foodie products are hard to find and I don’t live near a retailer who carries them.  Thrive comes in handy because I can order whatever I want and have it deleiverd to my doorstep. They also carry a few things that I have yet to find in my local grocer.

Thrive’s yearly membership cost is $60 (that breaks down to $5 a month) and is an awesome price point for a gift. When I got married we got a Costco memerbship and it was the best ever.  Thrive would have been even better!  If you join today by clicking the banner below you can get 25% off your first order and a 30 day free trial membership.


And right now…take advantage of Amazon prime!!!  You can join their 30 day trial right now and use this service FREE for your holiday shopping.

Enjoy the holidays and give the gift of good health!


This post is filled with things I love and actually use weekly.  I would not suggest them if I didn’t beleive in them and see the value they could add in your kitchen and life.  If you click on the links above, I will receive a small commission from your purchase.  Thank you in advance and I appreciate your support to continue add valuable content.

Work Hard Be Kind,



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  1. Alexis
    Alexis says:

    A spiralizer is a great gift. I already have one, but I am thinking about buying the larger version that makes it easier to come out. A “nice cream” maker is also on my list!


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