5 Gift Ideas for a Nutrition Newbie (and a Nutrition Nut)

5 Gift Ideas for a Nutrition Newbie (and a Nutrition Nut)

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Are you or do you know someone that is looking to make major health changes in their life? Or maybe you are a nutrition nut (like me!) and want some awesome gifts to make meal prep as simple and fun as you ring in a new year of great health!  Check out these 5 gifts that are a for sure win for both!

Instant Pot

I am seriously addicted to this one!  Pretty much use it everyday now!  It is simple, combines pressure and slow cooking and a whole array of awesome features. Turns frozen chicken breasts to shredded goodness in under 30 minutes…BOOMSHAKALAKA!





This is has been a major game changer in the kitchen for me.  After becoming gluten free, I needed a healthy “noodle” supplement and found “Zoodles” to be just the right thing.  This Kitchen Aide Mixer attachment was gifted to me last holiday season by my MIL who knows me well.  It can spiralize zucchini, apples, potatoes and pretty much anything your little heart desires! It also peels and cores and has several attachment to change the type of noodle made. And…my kids think it is the coolest!



And if you don’t have Kitchen Aide–try this one out instead!  It will accomplish the same task for you!



Digital Food Scale

When making nutritional changes, a scale can be a major help when beginning to learn portion sizing.  This is the one I use every day and is simple and cheap!  Great for a little stocking stuffer too or to travel with. It is simple to use and has the option to change units of measure.


Aerolatte Frother

I am a coffee addict.  But I like my own version of a healthy latte that is rich, smooth and frothy.  I used to blend my morning coffee in a blender and what a mess!  This little gadget makes it amazing and without the mess! It helps you have that coffee shop coffee without all the junk and added calories! I’ve actually given this as a gift often and people LOVE it!





Glass Storage Containers

Every person needs these!  No matter what type of nutritional regimen you have, preparing your own food and having bonus food for leftovers makes meal prep easy and efficient.  Grab some of these glass containers so you can reheat your food right in them.  Glass is better for you and the environment (tree hugger moment:)


And right now…take advantage of Amazon prime!!!  You can join their 30 day trial right now and use this service for the holidays FREE.

Enjoy the holidays and give the gift of good health!

Work Hard Be Kind,



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