Learning to Bounce Back

8 tips to bounce back

Not too long ago, we went to Sunday Brunch with friends.

There was bottomless champagne on the menu.

I love champagne.  

So, I did what any budget-minded person would do and did the quick math to realize the more glasses I had the cheaper it became.

The pores were heavy and the meal turned into an entire DAY of friends and families together eating, drinking, and thoroughly being present in the moment. It was almost a welcoming of summer with open arms.

But, I drank too much champagne.  

No, I didn’t have to visit the porcelain throne. But all day I was struggling with the inner voice that said “Drink up sister!” and the other one saying, ”Respect your body, Amanda you’ve had enough.”

I woke up Monday, a little sick to my stomach, foggy, and with a few extra visits to the restroom (sorry if that is T.M.I.).  

But do you know what else I woke up with?

Having lived a FULL life on Sunday.  

I maintained food awareness while I enjoyed some additional adult beverages I hadn’t planned for.

Having no shame about my choice, my body, and having ZERO food guilt.

I woke up not caring about the scale, still confident in my skin, feeling strong and with my soul a bit more renewed from friendship, laughs, and family time.

Most of all, I woke up with the ability to bounce back. I have worked hard to create habits that allow me to overcome failure as a learning experience and come right back to my routine as a grounding place for my health and well being.

However, it hasn’t always been this way. There have been times when a day like that left me with a tremendous amount of food guilt and body shame. There were times when a day of drinking too much alcohol sent me into a tailspin of overeating because I had an “all or nothing mentality.” I used to think “Well crap, I already ruined the day with too much alcohol, I might as well have Taco Bell”.

Which then gave way to a day of restriction in an attempt to offset “Sunday Funday,” and then a week of struggling to get back on the wagon.

This all or nothing mentality is one of a few eating patterns I see when clients begin their work with me. It’s their laser focus on the need to be perfect which then often paralyzes their ability to bounce back.

This paralysis is one of the GREATEST challenges I see as a coach. Clients start a week or a plan with great intentions. In fact, they are great at starting. But they struggle with how to maintain consistency and bounce back when things don’t go as planned, when routine fades and when motivation dwindles.

It’s those times where we must have strategies to help ourselves come back to the routine that we were thriving in. The real truth is that it isn’t easy and it comes with practice and more practice.

If you find yourself struggling, here are 8 tips to bounce back and getting back on track.

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Accept that done is better than perfect

It’s time to let go of the “all or nothing” mentality.  Life just doesn’t present you with the perfect time to start changing your life. Learning to see that the mere act of doing is far more valuable to your success than having unrealistic expectations of perfection is life-changing.  

If you just try, just do, you are one step ahead of the game. From there you will get better and better with practice and time. More reps lead to more experience and progress.

You can read more about why the plan is never perfect HERE.

Schedule it in

Yep…schedule that $h!^ on your calendar now. Treat your goals and your health as an appointment to yourself.

Schedule in time to meal plan, grocery shop, meal prep and move your body. Put it in your Google Calendar or write it in your planner. When you see it come up as an appointment for yourself, you are reminded of your worth and the commitment you’ve made to yourself to get better.

Sticky note the crap out of it

This is my favorite of the 8 tips to bounce back. Until things become habit, you must remind yourself of the habits you hope to create. I am a huge fan of placing sticky notes as reminders to encourage habit formation.

Place sticky notes in places that are already a habit: on the coffee pot, on the medicine cabinet, near your toothbrush. Use these sticky notes to remind yourself to defrost your dinner protein, grab your lunch for work, or to meal plan on Sundays.

When you are struggling to regain routine, these notes will remind you of the habits you are working to create.

You can grab my Meal Prep Guide HERE.

Find your accountability partner

Sometimes, self-motivation dwindles. When you are really in the trenches and trying to climb out, having a partner to push you can make or break your progress.

Create a relationship with someone, a friend, a coach, or even a fitness tracker, that can help you be accountable for your goals when your routine has slipped away. It’s okay to reach out to them and say, “I need you right now.”

Rekindle your why

You began the journey to better your health for a reason. Whether it’s to lose weight, gain energy, sleep better or be able to play with your kids or grandkids, only you know the real, deep reason.

Sustainable change is slow and steady and when we remind ourselves of why we began in the first place it creates motivation to bounce back.

Create an environment for success

Look around you and see what is causing your struggles. Is it the Oreos in the pantry, the leftover ice cream in the freezer, or is it unsupportive friends or family?

Time to do the dirty work of purging those things in your environment that are causing you to take a detour from your path.

You must eliminate the triggers bringing back old habits in order to bounce back. Throw out the junk food until you learn how to moderate it and you must talk to those friends and let them know how important it is to change your life.

You can click here to read more about how to create a physical environment for success here.

Creating both a physical and emotional environment for your success eliminates any barriers and allows the habits you are trying to create to grow more organically.

Work with what you have right NOW

When we think too far into the future, we overlook the progress that is happening RIGHT NOW. You may want to be able to run a 5K down the road or deadlift your bodyweight. But don’t forget to celebrate that you are actually moving your body consistently 3-4 times a week from doing nothing a few months ago.

Remind yourself of where you’ve come from and what resources you have at your fingertips right now to create your success. Progress is an extreme motivation to bouncing back.

Positive mind, positive outcome

Don’t have a pity party for yourself and tell yourself the same story that you don’t have time or life is hard. It hasn’t gotten you anywhere so it is time to leave the negativity behind.

The benefits of positive self-talk are HUGE and include shifts in thinking, energy, and overall, more happy juice.

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If you want life-long change you must learn to talk nicely to yourself and try to see the positive in each moment even when you feel like your mind is fighting it. Practice consistency above all. Perfection is overrated and consistency is where true progress is.

The ability to overcome one “bad meal” or one-off day is far more important when it comes to the real deal of lasting results.  

Developing that skill to bounce back takes constant practice.

It’s also one of the hardest skills to develop and is what I constantly hold my clients accountable to it.

Learning to bounce back during times where you weren’t perfect and give yourself the grace to put it behind you paves the foundation for lasting success.

I want you to learn how to enjoy life, to discover the balance you’ve been chasing for far too long and create a lasting ability to bounce back in times you would normally throw in the towel.

I have, and I know how good it feels. And I’ve led so many others to that place too.

Now, my friend, it is your turn.

How will you bounce back?

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Work Hard Be Kind,


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