Scale Obsession

The dreaded scale. Sometimes I just want to take that thing and…
December 14, 2018/by

10 Tailgate Tips For Healthy Eating Success

Do you ever get excited about the football season? I always am…
December 7, 2018/by

Do You Know Your Food

I had a recent conversation with a friend who was so excited…
December 1, 2018/by

Are You a Weekend Warrior?

Oh, the weekend. Two full days of no routine, little to no accountability,…
November 16, 2018/by

Arugula vs Spinach

A big tub-o-greens is one of the easiest ways to have veggies…
November 15, 2018/by

Why Age Is No Excuse

If you've checked out my Feel Amazing Naked program, you may…
October 30, 2018/by

Holiday Gift Ideas for a Nutrition Nut (or newbie)

Are you someone who is looking to make major health changes in…
October 17, 2018/by

A Healthier Version of the Pumpkin Spice Latte

With fall comes apples, Halloween, and pumpkin spice everything.…
October 12, 2018/by
light pole goals

Why You Should Set Light Pole Goals

I’ve always been intrigued by human behavior.  

Why is…
September 18, 2018/by
hemp seeds vs. chia seeds

Hemp Seeds vs Chia Seeds

I try hard to make my kids active in their nutrition. We have…
September 11, 2018/by
carbs in olive oil

How many carbs in olive oil?

I recently had a big “ah-ha” moment with a client.

September 5, 2018/by
squirrel syndrome

Do you suffer from squirrel syndrome?

In my first few years as a business owner, I struggled with the…
August 29, 2018/by