Client Success Story: Food>Gym

Client Success Story: Food > Gym

We’ve been trained through media and inaccurate visions of the perfect body types that exercise is the way to change your health.  That you must spend hours in the gym to create a healthy body.  Many of us are guilty of training extra hours, sacrificing sleep and balance to sneak in a gym routine to justify our eating habits.

Today’s success story proves the exact opposite.  She is total proof that investing in understanding in food and spending time in the kitchen is a far more beneficial investment of time.

She is a busy mom that just simply doesn’t have the time or desire to try and out train her diet.  Through our work together, she learned she didn’t have to.  Yes, you heard me correctly, she doesn’t even “workout.”  She lost over twenty-five pounds without spending’s hours in the gym creating mindful eating practices.  Instead, her investment of time was through meal prep, understanding food and learning how to fuel her body.

Furthermore, she is proof that a life of constant dieting often leaves you on a plateau that requires more food to drive weightless success.  She went on a mission to get her body and confidence back and found balance in real food, life, and sustainability along the way.

Here is her story:

“I am a wife and mother of two. I am 5’ 5’’ and for most of my life sat right around 135 pounds.  I had my first baby at 34 and my second baby at almost 37 and with my babies and older age came to the weight. 5 pounds turned into 10 and 10 turned into 20 plus. When I turned 40 I made it a focus to try and get healthy by losing the weight, but nothing seemed to work. Diet, exercise, nothing seemed to make any change. I would lose a few pounds and gain them right back over and over again.

I was so frustrated and discouraged and ready to call a doctor to begin the process of checking my thyroid and screening for medical problems when I noticed some of my friends had been steadily losing weight over a few months. What stood out to me was that very little had changed with their lifestyle, they weren’t working out or eating special food, they just dropped weight.

Through them, I connected with Amanda and learned about Macros. I learned that the reason I could never lose weight was that first I wasn’t eating enough, to begin with, and second I wasn’t eating a balanced diet of protein, carbs, and fat.  With Amanda’s help, I shifted the way I ate the foods I loved.  A big struggle for me was eating the amount of food I had to eat in a day. I learned how to eat my carbs and fats and about portions. Another struggle I had was protein and trying to find ways to get in enough to support my goals.  Now I understand how important it is for my body to function.

I have been with Amanda for 7 months and I have lost 26 pounds and all the baby weight. I have hit the maintenance stage and am healthier, I have more energy with my kids, and my clothes fit again!

More than that I have a better understanding of food, how it works with my body, and how to eat to fuel it. I still eat all the things I ate before like pizza, cookies, peanut butter, chocolate and more, but now I know how to eat them the right way to sustain my body and not overwhelm it. I don’t feel like I am fighting my body, or depriving myself, but rather I feel empowered and happy both with how I look, feel, and am able to eat.

I am so grateful for my time with Amanda and I recommend working with her to everyone who asks what I have been doing to lose the weight. Learning about macros isn’t a fad diet, but a sustainable change in how you eat and I promise it is worth it!”

6 Month Follow Up

“It’s been a few months since I have been on my own and I’m still doing great. I do track my foods, but not 100% of intake 100% of the time. I have discovered the boundaries I need to sustain the weight I lost but still eat without fear.

I make sure I always get my protein in. I’ve found that for me , this is what fuels my metabolism. Second , I’m not afraid now to eat what I want sometimes. If I’m a little over in carbs or fat it’s ok – it’s amazing how it all works out as long as I keep that protein solid.

I don’t worry anymore if I attend a wedding, party or dinner at a friend’s house.  I make smart choices which include selecting protein, going easy on high fat dressings and eat what I want keeping the general idea of my macronutrient ratios in mind. If I know I’ll be eating out that night , I will also sometimes track my morning and afternoon meals planning to allow myself the higher carbs and fat at dinner.  I think it’s all about planning.  When you invest in understanding food you get to a point where you can do that without much thought and effort because it becomes habit.”

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Ready to become food aware and transform your life?

Work Hard Be Kind,


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