Client Success Story: The Power Of Team Work

Client Success Story: The Power Of Teamwork




Time:16 weeks

It is really cool as a coach when a spouse begins to have so much success working with me that it inspires the other to take action.  I began working with my first client after having her first child.  I could totally relate to the place she was in; she was desperate for change and to get her confidence back.  And she did just that–and beyond.

She had such great success that her awesome hubby began to work with me as well.  He too jumped in full force and worked hard to overcome a busy work life that required lots of travel.  I have been impressed with his journey because of he such an example to so many men out there that it isn’t about perfection and giving up what you love in life.  Instead, it is about week-to-week progress and learning to leave the “all or nothing” mindset behind.


Here is her story:

“My whole life I’ve felt trapped in a body that I didn’t love or respect.  I would be skinny, chubby, fat then thin again time and time over.  I would lose weight by undereating and exercise to the extremes.  Then I would lose my steam and gain everything back 2X’s.  This was my cycle for as long as I could remember.

Then I had my son and thought I will never lose this weight.  I tried all my old tricks to lose the baby weight, but this time was different.  My body was staying the same weight no matter what I tried. Nothing was working.  This is when I decided to reach out to Amanda.  I honestly felt ashamed and embarrassed as I have known Amanda since high school.  I finally wrote an email asking for some help.  She simply said, “we need to just wake your metabolism up and you need to eat more food!”  I said, huh?

More food, this is never going to work.  But I trusted the lady and did what she said!  I tracked my macros the best I could, eating more food than I had been, and within 5 months lost 25lbs.  I’ve never felt so healthy in my life.  I used to think potatoes were going to make me gain weight because I had this perception that carbs were the devil.  Now I’m eating 170 grams of carbs, 54 grams of fat and 105 grams of protein and potatoes every day!  Never in my life did I think I could eat all this food and sustain a healthy weight without fluctuation.

Amanda’s approach is kind and supportive.  I never felt pressured or uncomfortable in this process with her.  She has a way with her words to motivate and encourage in the perfect way.  I thank her for her knowledge and persistence with me.  Oh, and did I mention I’m a bakery owner?  Yes, I work with baked goods all day every day. So, if I can meet these kinds of goals, I know anyone can with the help of my girl!


Here is his story:

“I have spent a good portion of my life believing I was invincible. In that regard – I have given my body a ride of its life, eating, drinking, smoking, and simply put – not taking care of myself. I reached a tipping point when I turned 30.  I found myself getting sick after eating pounds of garbage, hangovers got significantly worse and my body was aching like it has never done before. Couple that with an extra 35 pounds of “baby weight” I gained after our son was born; I was a ticking time bomb.

While I continued to procrastinate getting into better health, I watched my wife shed weight and begin to really start feeling good again while working with Amanda. After some “persuasion” from her, I decided to contact Amanda and get on a path to better health.

I have tried numerous diets in my day but they always ended with me binge eating after it was over and packing on MORE weight than I ultimately lost. Not this time! I have found a new way of life through Amanda. While I can still enjoy some of the junk food I use to crave, I now understand the importance of meeting my target numbers and eating more balanced. Knowing that I have to follow up with Amanda weekly and give her my log makes me want to execute and not let her down. She has consistently given me positive feedback while keeping me straight when I would fall off the path.

Now that I have shed nearly 30 pounds, my body hurts less, I have no more stomach aches and I am even getting more active due to feeling great and wanting to live a better lifestyle. Who knows where I’d be right now if I wouldn’t have made that one call to Amanda. I am sure glad I did.”


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Work Hard Be Kind,





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