Client Success Story: More Than Expected

Client Success Story: More Than Expected

Age: 27

Time: 18 months

Every client success story I share have parts that run together.  However, their subtle differences are what drive their need to be shared in order to touch someone that can truly relate.  The reason I ask clients to share their stories and physically write them themselves is that only they can convey their authentic struggles and wins.

This client has done massive inner work throughout our work together that has helped her realize her worth, her mission and the value of confidence in her day-to-day life.  She has come to realize that a scale is a tool that we have to sometimes throw out the window in order to really measure progress, both physical and mental.  She is REAL, has been raw and honest in her journey and because of that, has seen more growth than I believe she ever expected.

Most of all, she has been patient and trusted the process to realize that all things that last, take time.


Here is her story:

“I have spent most of my life comparing myself to everyone else. Whether factual or not, I have always looked at others and thought aspects of their lives were better than mine, mostly superficial. Looks, athletics, intelligence. It took me almost 25 years into my life to decide that I would not feel sorry for myself and I would start making positive changes rather than dwelling on what I “wasn’t able to do” or who was “skinnier than me.”


My journey tracking macronutrients have been ever changing and one of the most gratifying ways I have decided to make myself better. My mental shift in my image, food, and overall life has changed in such a positive way. It has afforded me the opportunity to appreciate the process of growing and learning about myself, allowing me to reflect on mistakes and grow from them.  While my journey has been far from perfect, it has allowed me to gain an appreciation and acceptance of my body, how I look, how I feel, and an understanding of how strong I can be mental, physical, and emotionally!


I can never remember a time in my life that I wasn’t self-conscious. Physically, I have always been the “thick” girl (my least favorite description). It always bothered me that my friends ate whatever they wanted and stayed petite. My sister is 4’11, 100 pounds soaking wet. Every girl I associated with did not seem to have the body issues I did. Life just did not seem fair.


At 16, I was tracking points with my mom at Weight Watchers and started a vicious cycle of binge eating and other unhealthy eating and exercise habits. Despite success with this weight loss style, I could not sustain it when I got to college. While I tried to stay conscious of what I ate and was always active as a Division III field hockey player, I wasn’t truly aware of the effects drinking and eating all types of food at all hours would have on my body. After college, I taught Health and Physical Education for three years, ran 2 half marathons, and started Crossfit. I would train hard but was not fueling my body properly for the type of exercise I did, so my body never looked the way I thought it should. I thought I was doing all of the right things, but I was so wrong.


When I moved to Arizona and started working out at a Crossfit affiliate, I quickly realized I did not look like the other girls in the gym (again, comparing myself). I wanted to look as strong and fit as everyone else did. It was an easy choice for me when members were discussing tracking macros that I needed to try this lifestyle (definitely not a fad).



I began tracking macros in March of 2016. I first realized I was going to eat much more than I had before and loved that idea, but struggled with the what and how. After trial and error, learning how to work backward from dinner to breakfast,  asking Amanda at least one million questions, and still finding ways to incorporate foods I enjoyed, I began to get the hang of it. I was losing weight weekly and beginning to see changes in my body! Unfortunately, my own insecurities would get in the way when I couldn’t get past scale numbers (I’ve gotten better) or if I didn’t lose weight each week. I would hit plateaus and not understand why and get defeated. But, with the help of Amanda and trusting the process, I have been able to persevere through any difficulties.


Working through this process has allowed me to not focus just on the scale, but growth in other areas as well. It also has allowed me to see the progress I have made in making better health choices for my body and mind. Amanda has guided me so much on this journey, pushing me to feel good about myself when I sometimes don’t want to. Tracking macronutrients have totally shifted my mindset. It has allowed me to be a more proactive person in my health, taking into account what I put into my body, when, and how it will affect me. It feels so great to come to a point in life where I am able to take control of my physical and mental health. Amanda has given me so many tools to be successful and her constant guidance has driven me to be the happiest with myself that I have ever been.

The confidence, healthy lifestyle, and overall happiness I feel knowing I am making good choices for my mind, body, and soul has been all thanks to working with and Amanda.

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Work Hard Be Kind,


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