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Costco is a great treasure for those that shop there. Not only can you get food in bulk, but you can also save heaps of money on essentials and nutritious food. I’m going to share with you my healthy Costco shopping list, why I love Costco, and how you can use it to eat more whole foods that nourish your body.

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Costco Is Amazing

Enough said, right?

When I mention Costco it ignites a fight or flight response. You may envision money leaving your bank account and battling for a parking spot among a sea of retirees.

It’s true — it does the same for me. However, I don’t think we can dispute the fact that they offer some really amazing bang for your buck foods and have come a long way in food quality.

I Make Trip Per Month

Personally, I limit myself to one Costco expedition a month to fit within my budget. I plan for it and have become the master of Costco execution leaving with real food options that support both our healthy journey and our whole foods diet.

After my awesome feedback from my Trader Joe’s Shopping List , I had many requests for more of my favorite things. I decided to tackle Costco first.  Just like my Trader Joe’s list, you will find that my choices are always gluten-free with a few “gluten-rific” options that my family is able to enjoy.

Beyond The Staples

Costco does an amazing job of carrying high-quality organic products nowadays along with many sources of organic lean proteins. Although I will highlight some of my favorite Costco “gems” this list includes more than the staples of your weekly grocery shopping list to things that are “must-haves” of the stock.

Grab my entire Healthy Costco Shopping List HERE in my FREE resources library.

My Must-Have Produce

Baby Creamers: I love prepping these in my Instant Pot and turning them into smashed potatoes or breakfast potatoes under a runny yolk. They’re super delicious.

“Love” Beets: These are so yummy sliced atop a fresh salad. Try them, you won’t be disappointed! 

Fresh Start Smoothie Blend: With summer in full effect I keep this berry and kale combo in the freezer. It’s an easy and quick blend that I can use for multiple smoothie blends.

Frozen Veggies: Costco keeps an amazing frozen selection of organic veggies to keep in the freezer for your last minute meal options.

Cocktail Cucumbers: I am all about buying veggies my kid’s love. For some reason, cute little cocktail cucumbers are more popular with my kids so I snatch them up. I have to admit, they are pretty cute. They even tempt me to eat more cucumbers.

Cauliflower Rice: This cauliflower rice comes in a two pack that allows you to eat one and freeze the other. Side note: The bags freeze great!

Butter Lettuce: This is my favorite lettuce and you can’t beat the price at Costco.

Zucchini Noodles (Brand new to my Costco location): Great for a last minute addition to dinner or as a sub for a pasta dish.

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My Must-Have Lean Protein

Kirkland Turkey Burgers: These are delicious and so easy to make when I don’t have a lot of time or energy to make dinner.

Don Lee Farms Chicken Patties: These are nice for an “I have nothing prepped” kind of night.

Organic Chicken Broth: I keep chicken stock on hand as a sub to saute and steam veggies and meats. It adds flavor and keeps fat down if needed.

Rotisserie Chicken: They keep this as far away as possible to get you to walk to the back of the store while filling your cart. I use it to make chicken salad or as a quick protein source.

Shrimp: Great to have on hand as a very lean protein source.

My Must-Have Carbohydrates

Dried Mangoes: One of my favorite post-workout snacks and these are some of the best I’ve ever had.

Figgy Pops: A great pre-workout snack or snack in general. I recommend these as a great snack for my clients who are endurance athletes while on the road.

Seeds of Change Quinoa and Brown Rice: This is great as a side dish or base for more hearty salads. You can also use this as a base for burrito bowls! Yum.

Millet and Brown Rice Ramen: This ramen is literally only millet and brown rice…say what??

Milton’s GF Crackers: These are some of my family’s favorite crackers!

Organic Raw Honey: This honey is affordable, delicious, and of course, organic. You can’t go wrong with this purchase.

Organic Maple Syrup: This is my favorite coffee sweetener. I will typically add a wee bit of each day in my morning coffee.

And if you can find them, I also love:

Sweet Potato Fries: Sweet potatoes. Fries. How could you go wrong?

Path of Life Quinoa and Kale: This is kind of like the quinoa and brown rice mix, except it includes kale!

My Must-Have Fats

Nuts: I am a major nut butter junky and have found Costco’s selection of nuts to be superior when I make homemade nut butter.

Nut Butters: almond, peanut, and occasionally cashew butter are some of my favorite nut butters to grab.

Coconut Oil: This is a staple in my household.

Avocado Oil: Another staple in my household that is really affordable at Costco.

Flax and Chia seeds: Buying these items in bulk makes the cost so good. However, these are sometimes hard to find, so grab them when you see them! 

Kerrygold: I use this in my coffee each morning. You can’t beat the cost of this butter at Costco!

My Must Have Snacks

Noosa: You can throw this (or any Greek Yogurt) in the freezer for 10 minutes and you have a lower fat version of the cheesecake-ish dessert.

Organic Hummus: A must-have to get my kids eating more veggies.

Organic PB Fit: I love this to have on hand to add to a shake, or atop a rice cake as a snack.

Lundberg Rice Cakes: My favorite rice cake in a 3-PACK!!! Yeah — but hard to find.

Squeeze Pouches: All types including apple mixed fruits, veggies, and Chia seed. I love this for a quick real-food pre/post workout snack or for the kid’s lunches.

Kind Bars: These are a nice option for a gluten-free treat, and are far lower in sugar than other similar bars. They are also great crumbled atop yogurt as a granola option.

Lara Bars:  This is a great two pack of my kids’ favorite flavors Apple Pie and Cashew Cookie.

Acai by Sambazon: This is seriously a great delicious summer treat. When my bananas are about to go bad a slice them up and put them in the freezer for the acai base. You can then use a few pouches to whip up a yummy acai ice cream and top with granola, berries, honey, and whatever else you want.

Costco’s Down Fall

Costco has one major downfall and that is their inconsistency in stock. I often fall in love with a product only to go back and discover they no longer carry it. I can travel only a short 10-minute drive from one Costco location to another to find they don’t carry the same items.

If something you want isn’t at your local Costco, make sure to ask a manager. They are often willing to investigate and see if they too can get it in. Please keep in mind some of the items are seasonal and vary by location. Most pantry items are easy to find year-round at all locations. Prices may also vary by location.

The Upside

Their return policy is pretty much no questions ask.  You can take back any product you are dissatisfied with including foods items you’ve sampled. I’ve taken back produce that went bad too quickly in my perspective and I get a fresh replacement.

Want To Download My Healthy Costco Shopping List?

Click HERE to download it now

Did I leave off one of your favorite, real food Costco favorites?  Please comment below and let me know what I need to add to my healthy Costco shopping list!

Work Hard Be Kind,


4 replies
  1. Chris R
    Chris R says:

    I LOVE that you put pictures of the products! That makes it so much easier when I’m trying to find it for the first time! Thanks Amanda!!

    • awalkmacros@gmail.com
      awalkmacros@gmail.com says:

      You are so welcome! That is exactly why I included as many as I could…Costco can be totally overwhelming!

  2. Tory
    Tory says:

    Amanda I love the snack ideas and options for last minute meals. I am always hesitant with pre-packaged products due to high sugar or salt content. Do you have general guidelines you follow when picking such items?

    • awalkmacros@gmail.com
      awalkmacros@gmail.com says:

      I am with you! I like having some last minute go-to’s in the house at all times because it helps you avoid a meal out or the pizza delivery. Reading labels and identifying the ingredient profile is my first concern. You can select foods that are still high quality whole foods but are packaged for an easier delivery. I watch for ingredients I can read, no added fillers or unnecessary sugar (for example added sugar in dried fruit is unnecessary) and avoid high fructose corn syrups, partially hydrogenated oils and a few other sodium disguises. When I do buy “treats” or something special for in the house I still look for pure real food ingredients. Although still a “treat” quality matters in my book. In the end, preparing your own in the best way you can is my pick.


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