Cycle Of Awesome

I was a basketball fanatic growing up. It was the love of my life. I played year-round on competitive teams and as a freshman, started for my high school’s varsity team. Basketball was my purpose, my passion in life. My teammates were my best friends and I was convinced it was how I was going to college.

However, I was faced with an injury that presented a major setback in my goals. I was diagnosed with a form of Compartment Syndrome. At the time, I had no clue what it, but it was explained to me like this:

Like a hot dog is surrounded by a casing, the muscles in your body are the same way. When you heat a hot dog in the microwave the “meat” inside puts pressure on the hot dog’s casing. If that pressure builds too much, the hot dog is damaged and explodes. The same was true of the muscles in my legs.The fascia surrounding my muscles didn’t grow at the same rate as the muscle. It was applying crazy amounts of pressure to the muscle inside it, causing no blood flow and horrific pain.

It Scared Me.

I was devastated. The thought of not playing basketball anymore, not pursuing the possibility of a scholarship and not being with my teammates left me depressed. The choice was clear to me. I was willing to take on two surgeries, some gnarly scars, and a year of rehab to be ready for the next season.

Looking back, it was a major decision in my life that led to me jumping into what I like to call the “Cycle Of Awesome”. If I could be active, I’d be surrounded by the friends who loved to play sports too. If I was involved in sports, I’d care about my health and fitness. When I cared about my health and fitness, then I’d make choices to support a healthy life. A healthy life during my teenage years would lead to a higher likelihood of having a healthy adult life.

What is the “Cycle Of Awesome” you ask?

The cycle of awesome starts early. We teach it to our children without knowing it.  When we are living in the cycle we are unstoppable. When we take a detour from it, it feels as though that cycle is spinning fast and we can’t seem to figure out how to hop back on.

The Cycle of Awesome is when confidence, effort, and results in one area of our life, leads to another.

Then another.

And then another.

On and on, and you get the idea.

It is the notion of gaining momentum in life because we have the control to do so. When we feel in control of one area of life we then gain the confidence to invest in another.

Where Does It Start?

The Cycle of Awesome starts with yourself, or your body specifically. If you could make one investment in anything, your body is the first place to start. If you have lots of money but aren’t healthy, what good is money? It’s a lonely place to be if you can’t live life because your health won’t allow it.

I know I might have a bias, but fueling your body and taking care of the inside is the first place to start. Filling your body with nutrient-dense foods feels good physically and mentally. When you are intentional about what you put into it, you feel in control. And in fact, you are!

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When you make positive nutritional habits you begin to notice changes in composition, you feel happier, and most of all you gain confidence.  That confidence begins to pour out into even more areas of your life.

When you begin to feel good you gain energy. That energy is used to fuel other positive habits in your life such as exercise. And guess what?  When you exercise, you get more energy and are happier all around. See how all of this is working together?

When nutrition and fitness are used together your body is unstoppable. When your physical being is becoming well cared for, you are ready to move on to being awesome in other aspects of life. I hear from clients all the time. They say so much good begins to happen in their life when they invest in themselves. The domino effect of that investment gains major momentum as time passes.

How Do We Stay On It?

Being in this cycle doesn’t just happen.

Just like when you set out to lose weight you have to learn how to fuel your body, plan your meals, and have willpower.  There is no magic pill.  That effort and hard work are just that — hard. But the outcome is so worth it.

The same is true in entering the Cycle of Awesome. It requires grit, effort, planning and hard work.

Once you’ve jumped into the Cycle of Awesome by investing in yourself, amazing things begin to happen. Because you are more confident and happy you spread that same vibe to others, including your family and friends. The saying “Your vibe attracts your tribe” has quite a bit of validity to it. Soon, you are intentional about who you surround yourself with because you don’t have space for negativity. Your confidence breeds relationships that are genuine, authentic, and reciprocal.

You begin to be purposeful in what you want from life. Then, you set more goals and set out to take on new challenges. You become a better time manager. You’ll even begin to think about how you spend your money because you want more from it.

You begin to realize that the Cycle of Awesome is the only place you want to be because it means your life has momentum and inertia.

What If You Fall Off?

At some point, it might happen. It is possible to fall off the cycle of awesome. Something will come along that applies pressure to the cycle and you might wander — temporarily. When you do, you will realize it feels so amazing to be in The Cycle of Awesome that you won’t allow it to be any other way. You will have to dig deep, jump back on, and regain some speed. And once you do, it will be that much sweeter.

Newton’s first law of motion, sometimes referred to as the law of inertia, tells us that an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an external force.

I want you to jump on that Cycle of Awesome and continue in motion.  If an external force is applied, push back.

Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

Stop making excuses.  The people in the Cycle of Awesome are there for a reason. They too are busy. All of them have a crazy busy schedule. They too have a million hats to wear.

But here is the difference, they don’t make excuses.

Instead, they channel the energy of excuse into the energy of “do.”  They take action and use grit to maintain their place in the Cycle of Awesome.  That power of doing becomes a habit because they make a conscious choice each day to stay on board. Each turn of the cycle strengthens their place in it and life becomes richer.

You are no different.

The biggest realization I hope you will come to is that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. When one aspect of your own cycle slips away, don’t let it derail you. It’s just like I tell my clients. If you have one bad meal, it doesn’t have to mean the entire day or week has to be lost. Make a choice to move on in a positive direction.

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Fitness in Life

Being “fit” means so much more than muscles and mile times.  \It means being healthy and strong in body, mind, money, attitude, relationship, and energy.

If you are already in the Cycle Of Awesome, keep after it (now you just have a cool way to reference it).

If you see that Cycle of Awesome spinning for everyone else, it is time to take action and start with investing in yourself NOW.

Have you ever been on the Cycle of Awesome? What did it feel like for you?

Work Hard Be Kind,



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  1. Mom
    Mom says:

    Need to get back on that cycle…it feels so much better when I am on it. I have experienced the difference. Going to get there.

    • says:

      First step is knowing it feels better to be on the other side! You’ve got this!!! Jump back on!

  2. Carol
    Carol says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. Traveling for the summer poses challenges but I am working to improve my choices.


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