Do you suffer from squirrel syndrome?

squirrel syndrome

In my first few years as a business owner, I struggled with the constant urge to find the next best idea to grow my business.

Creative inspiration would hit (and by that, I mean I had many) and I’d immediately go ALL IN and begin to work on it. I’d speed through its creation, put it into the online space, and expect immediate results.

The moment I didn’t, I’d chase another big idea with the same outcome each time…disappointment and a lack of results.

I did this many, many times until finally, I realized I was suffering from the exact same thing many of my clients do their entire life: “Squirrel syndrome.”

Now, I was surrounded by my powerhouse entrepreneur friends. I followed uber successful online business bosses. I thought if I just kept trying something new that I would have to see results just like them, right?

Yep…I preach consistency above everything to create sustainable results in health, yet I was guilty of wanting a “get successful quick” approach time after time. #ohtheirony

It didn’t work.

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Do you suffer from the same?

One of the greatest struggles I have witnessed as a nutrition coach isn’t overconsumption of Mickey D’s or eating too many Reese’s. It’s actually something much greater than that.

I work with clients all the time who have suffered a life dominated by squirrel syndrome. In fact, you might be reading this and realizing this has been you and you didn’t even know it.

What Is Squirrel Syndrome?

It’s called “squirrel syndrome” for a reason.

It’s the constant quest to find the next “best” thing.

Like drinking Slim Fast shakes for 30 days, losing weight, gaining it back and then taking…

HCG shots for 30 days and losing weight, gaining it back and then doing…

Keto for 30 days and losing weight, gaining it back and then doing…

Whole 30 for 30 days and losing weight, gaining it back and then doing…

A 30-day cleanse and losing weight, gaining it back and…

I think you get the idea!

It’s the notion that you are constantly looking for the next magic outcome, the next best quick fix approach.

Each time you get excited for quick weight loss, only to find that the approach is not sustainable one single bit. In fact, all the weight you lost comes back and then some.

Why are you a squirrel?

If this sounds familiar, you my friend, maybe the squirrel.

There is so much noise in the health and nutrition space that there is a perception that there is a magic solution to weight loss and feeling healthy. The success of those around you makes it seem that they get there quickly and that you too can have the same overnight.

Every nutrition guru has their answer and Instagram is flooded with lots of know-it-alls.

You want immediate results and instant gratification and they seem to have the answer. Naturally, you fall in line and give it a go — again.

At first, it seems AMAZING. You see results on the scale and in the mirror. That will hold your attention for a short-term until you realize that a world outside the restrictive fad approach exists and you want to live in it.

Chocolate, pizza, burgers, and wine exist and are meant to be enjoyed (in balance).

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Overcome Black and White Thinking

Your health journey is not black or white. Food is not “good or bad.” Instead, you must learn to live in the grey.

Life happens and things get messy. This I know! To navigate your thinking,  you must shift into learning how to operate when times aren’t perfect. This is when quick fixes get exposed and reveal their lack of flexibility and sustainability.

Stop Chasing Nuts

Nothing will change if you continue to chase the next big thing.

Your good old friend Jane who swears she has the magic answer to weight loss every month and hasn’t really lost a pound…ignore her.

It’s time to invest in a long-term strategy and start focusing on the real magic: consistency.

The truth is, it ain’t easy!

It’s the mundane day to day work that brings about sustainable change.

The best analogy I share is a river. It’s literally the most perfect example of how powerful consistency can be.

If you’ve ever doubted what consistent effort over time looks like, just look at a river. It is the epitome of consistency.

The constant power of the water carves through layers and layers of rock, over thousands of years, slow and steady creating canyons.

It never waivers.

The river puts in the work, day after day, no matter what life throws its way. It may slow down or speed up, but it never trades short-term intensity (or a quick fix) for the long-term gain.

This is where change happens. In the mundane, day to day work, we do to create habits that drive the outcome we want.

If that river can create that amazing change, so can you, my friend.

Less Is Not More

The squirrel rears its head because you’ve learned over time, through media and culture, that less is more. It’s ingrained in your mind that dieting is the answer and that each new diet will be the one you’ve been chasing.

It’s a paradigm shift to think that possibly eating more could drive weight loss. Wait, huh?

Paint A Realistic Picture

This is not about painting an unrealistic picture of skinny supermodels. Nope, no way!

If you want to truly change your life you must be realistic about what the true focus should be and what you really want out of life.

It’s about living the FULLEST life possible — to operate as humans should, and live out your full potential. It’s about knowing that the hard work you are putting in is paying off. That doesn’t come from jumping from one new thing to the next. It comes by abandoning all the quick fixes and investing in SELF!

What I Learned As A Coach

After working with women for years a theme began to emerge.

They come to me wanting to work on “food.”  

But it’s never really about the food, is it?

Food is just the vessel for deeper work. I teach this to my clients all the time and this is the focus of my free webinar.

It made me realize even more that what my clients show up wanting is never really what they need.

The food gives us a springboard into all the other things that need to be done on the inside to truly feel amazing naked on the outside.

Yes…I said naked. No woman would deny that this is a feeling they long for. To be so confident that they feel amazing naked.

But chasing squirrels is not going to get you there. You must be willing to combine inside work to feel amazing on the outside. It’s a combination of food and mindset that allows you to escape the quick fix trap of chasing squirrels.

I Feel Amazing Naked

For the first time in my life, I feel amazing naked. Like I am totally okay with walking around my house naked.

You might be quickly passing judgment, “She’s so vain. Why is she sharing this publicly.”

Being super transparent, it was never really that way. Even when I was at my thinnest, I didn’t feel that way.

I was critical, filled with negative self-talk and sucked into the trap of comparison. I am not at my lowest weight right now, and I feel the best I ever have. I feel fit and healthy on the outside but the confidence came when I began to do deeper work on the inside. When my clients do the same, it shows in so many ways.

I want more women to have that feeling.

It won’t be easy, this I know, but I am 100% up for the challenge.

Overcoming Squirrel Syndrome

To truly say goodbye to squirrel syndrome, you must be willing to do the dirty work and combine food, mindset, science, and self-work to invest in yourself.


Because you deserve to finally find something that lasts!

This very reason is why I created my passion project and am on a mission to help more women overcome a life of fad diets, negative self-talk, and learn to treat their body and mind like it was designed to be treated.

When you start to do the inside work, it will show on the outside.

I want you to join me in my FREE webinar where I talk about the 5 Food Fails that sabotage women and how to nip them in the butt.

Are you guilty of squirrel syndrome?  I’d love to hear your experience below!

Work Hard Be Kind,


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