Don’t Be Average This Year

As the new year surrounds us like wildfire we are forced to reflect upon the experiences we had this past year.

I’ve been doing the same personal reflection and my goal list is growing.

As I have begun to wrangle my clients in from their holiday overload of indulgences, I have asked them to identify their goal list too.  Some clients go through the motions of goal setting while others truly pour their heart into identifying goals that contain the keys to nutritional success.

What Do You Want From this year?

Is it the greater business success?  

To find a soul mate?

To be a better friend?  

To reveal the 6 pack hidden under years of food enjoyment?

My calendar has begun to fill with people ready to find sustainable nutritional success and I know many of you are contemplating the same.  I know someone reading this right now wants to change their relationship with food but has no idea where to start.

If you are unsure if this year is for you then join the millions of others doubting what goal setting, mindset, and willpower can do for you.

Or…just maybe you can be on the other end and finally decide to do better for yourself.

Just maybe…this is your year.

This is your year to invest in your health and make small changes that will add up to one major lifestyle shift.  I guarantee the cost of your rising health insurance expenses will exceed the money it takes to purchase quality food.

This is your year to say no to living off fast food that provides convenience but not good health.

This is your year to invest in your body now so it pays dividends later.

This is your year to stop making excuses.  You are as busy as every other person in the world and they seem to find a way.

This is your year to build a healthy relationship with food, not a punishment and reward cycle that lacks sustainability.

This is your year to find balance with nutrition.  To realize that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing and that some days aren’t perfect.

This is your year to make sure when you read this post a year from now, you can celebrate your change.

Success Stories

There are people whose stories need sharing because they are just like you and I.  Husbands, wives, parents, career-oriented people who face the same day-to-day struggle to find nutritional success.  They too are exhausted, lead busy work schedules, have financial stress and have too little hours in the day to workout.

There are some clients that I look forward to reading every single email from because their passion, their own success, and their gratitude jumps through the computer screen and wraps itself around you.  Today’s post shares the progress of one of those people. An awesome man, dad, husband and successful businessman that decided this was this year.

It is impossible, to sum up, the type of progress you gain from controlling your diet in one picture.  I know that shredded abs and bulging bicep pictures “sell” but nutrition is personal. No two people have the same starting, middle or end of their nutritional journey.  A quick picture of rock-solid abs doesn’t do justice to the confidence, the mental fortitude, the grit, the discipline and the sacrifice it took to get to that place.

When my client first began with me he weighed in at 205 pounds at 5’8” tall.  He had tried a plethora of binge diets including HCG injections, restrictive diets and the Paleo lifestyle with some temporary success. However, he had not found sustainability in any and gained his weight right back.  He was ready to lose the many pounds he had gained after becoming a father and losing sight of focus on his own goals and needs.

Why Gym Selfies Don’t Do Justice

After 28 weeks of working together, he weighed in at 175 pounds, went from a baggy size 36 to a fitted size 31 and had 30 pounds of weight loss. Above all, he is beaming with confidence in his career, at the gym, with his own business clients but most of all to the person that matters most, his wife.  The peace and freedom he feels from eating real food to lose weight with no “gimmick” is the sustainability he has been searching for.  He is able to navigate his life, including frequent business travel, with a healthy and sustainable relationship with food.

This is the exact challenge I face when sharing client photos as none of those life changes can truly ever be captured by a gym selfie.

Sharing his success today isn’t a hidden attempt to build a client roster.  What it is, is an inspiring story about an average guy who went above average to achieve a life-changing goal.  It is an attempt to push and inspire you to make a commitment to bettering yourself in whatever nutritional strategy will work best for YOU.  There is no better time than now, right now, at the start of 2017 to say no to being average and YES to going above average to create a better version of yourself.

Just maybe…this is your year.

“To change your body you must change your mind”

Cheers to 2017–may it be our best yet!

Work Hard Be Kind,