GoWise AirFryer Review

I was completely reluctant to add yet another kitchen gadget to my arsenal. I had heard mixed reviews for air fryers and I wasn’t ready to create my list of pros and cons to convince my husband we needed another kitchen appliance quite yet.

When the AirFryer arrived my kids and I were so dang excited. They follow in my footsteps when it comes to being in the kitchen and loving food. They have had their hands in the kitchen since they were toddlers, curiously chopping away.

I immediately washed it and began reading the manual. I was ready to DIG in. Being totally transparent, I haven’t even looked for a place to put it in a cabinet since I’ve received it, because I’ve used it that often.


My biggest concern was size. My kitchen does not have a ton of storage space and I had no idea how frequently I would use the air fryer. It sits nicely on the counter without being too much of an eyesore. The GoWISE 8-in-1 Air Fryer (model…) is 3.7 quarts of kitchen convenience and for the volume of food it prepares, the size is a bonus.


The controls of the GoWISE Air Fryer are digital and it has a simple to use touchscreen.  Although straightforward, it will take some time to understand how to use the controls for proficiency (just like any new kitchen device).

The pre-set buttons are AWESOME and have not led me astray. The options you’ll have are warm, chips, chicken, steak, shrimp, pork, cake, and fish. There are also additional buttons to adjust the time and temperature up and down.

Shop for the Go Wise Air Fyer HERE.

How It Works

My first big curiosity was how does the GoWISE Air Fryer actually work? Air Fryers cook food by circulating hot air around the entire surface of the food, called Rapid Air Technology.

A heating element at the top creates heat that is then circulated throughout the appliance using a small fan. The outcome produces a food that looks, feels and even tastes “fried” by only using a small amount of oil or none at all.

Everything I have cooked up to date has actually only been with a light spray of olive, avocado or coconut oil. It produces that unhealthy fried food, soul-filling finish in a much healthier way.

In addition, it allows you to reheat food, bake it or even cook frozen foods, which is super convenient. In fact, I’ve found cooking frozen vegetables or sides in the air fryer is even better than in the microwave because it doesn’t create that mushy texture.

Eating at restaurants exposes you to extra hidden macronutrients. Foods are often fried or sauteed in unhealthy fats. Fat provides cushion and protection to the body at a cellular level. Fats are also crucial to hormone regulation and absorption of micronutrients.

Fats come in two forms: saturated and unsaturated. Saturated fat, often deemed the “bad” fat, has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease. Examples of saturated fat include fat from animal products, dairy, butter, and coconut (coconut oil).

Unsaturated fat is often labeled as the “good” fat as it can reduce cholesterol levels when replacing saturated fat in the diet. Samples of unsaturated fats include nuts, seeds, and avocado.

Learn the Value of Food

Quick and convenient foods often provide a calorie dense, but a nutrient-poor option. When we measure up fast-food options or pre-packaged options against real food, they often leave little to be desired.

Take a look at the picture below. The meal on the right is a fast-food restaurant’s chicken nugget meal (4 nuggets and a small order of french fries) compared to my homemade version of chicken nuggets, curly sweet potato fries, and cauliflower “wings”, all cooked in the GoWISE Air Fryer. Both contain the same calorie content. However, there is clearly much more bang for your buck when you chose the real-food option.

Although these foods contain the same calorie content, their macronutrient profiles are different.  The fast-food meal has nearly 25 grams of fat and only 6 grams of protein. My homemade meal has nearly 40 grams of protein and only 8 grams of fat.  Point being, when you create your own meals at home it offers much great support for a healthy lifestyle.

(Want to learn how to fill your body with real food to look and feel your best? Check out my Feel Amazing Naked challenge by clicking here.)

What can I cook?

Anything. Pretty much anything.

Look below and you will see my first twenty-five days of cooking with the air fryer in an attempt to try and cook a variety of things to test its effectiveness.

I was somewhat concerned initially that everything had to be spread perfectly without touching in the air fryer to actually cook. However, after continuous use, I’ve realized I can throw it in (bonus for a busy mom) and interrupt cooking time with a quick shake or toss to expose other cooking surfaces on the item.

By far the biggest game-changer for us has been sweet potato fries and sweet potato buns.  We love sweet potatoes and I cook them often. One of our favorites is Sweet Potato Sliders (you can view my recipe here).  In the Air Fryer, their taste and texture are elevated and give a truer crispy finish then preparing in the oven.

Shop for the Go Wise Air Fyer HERE.

How do I cook in it?

Let’s just say that there isn’t an easier way to cook. You open the pan by pulling on the handle.  The pan will slide out exposing the basket. Lay all of the ingredients in the basket and return the pan inside the appliance.

Next, push power and adjust your time and temperature settings to the appropriate level. You will then hear the fan begin to run as the heating element clicks to begin circulating the air.

The buttons will flash to let you know it is heating and will stop flashing once the Air Fryer has reached the desired temperature.

Once cooking time is over, the alarm will sound to indicate it’s finished. One tip is to interrupt cooking at some points to shake up ingredients and expose new surfaces to the hot air.

You can then pull the basket out. The inside of the pan and basket will be hot but the outer parts will not. (This is why it’s a great learning tool for my children who are six and eight at the time of this blog post).

Budget Worthy

The GoWise Air Fryer ranges in price from $90 all the way to $300 for models that have a plethora of features.  The model featured in the post retails for less than $80.00. You can buy it on Amazon by clicking the link below.

This size is perfect for our family of four.  It is very versatile so it makes it a great “bang for your buck” purchase if you are looking to add a kitchen appliance to your arsenal.

Easy Clean-Up

The GoWise Air Fryer has very few parts, just a basket and under pan. One necessity I have for a kitchen gadget is simple clean up. If I have to take every little piece apart and hand wash it, then it is a deal breaker. That is the exact reason the juicer I got for our wedding 12 years ago still sits under the counter.

Mama ain’t got time for that.

The air fryer basket pops right out of the pan with a click of a button. Both pieces are easy to hand wash and dry quickly. Both are also dishwasher safe. I am not sure if this breaks air fryer rules or not, but sometimes there is no real need to even wash the parts because of little to no mess. After a few uses, I always go back and wash to make sure there isn’t any unnecessary build up.

I find myself using it to cook small side dishes mostly and leaving more delicate foods for oven roasting or grilling. What I love is adding one more way to multi-task for meal prep or “Double Prep” (you can learn more about that here in my meal prep post). The air fryer offers this subtle, crispy finish that other preparation methods don’t match, in my opinion.

A super bonus is that my kids are totally excited about being able to feel comfortable using it.  It is a great stepping stone to teaching and understanding hot/cold in the kitchen, cook times and being confident in beginning to learn food prep and handling.  Getting the kiddos involved is an extremely important skill for their long-term health success.


  • Temperature controls from 170-400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cook time up to 30 minutes
  • Pre-set settings for some of the most commonly cooked foods
  • Adjustable time and temperature settings
  • Removable basket with release button for easy clean-up
  • The basket is dishwasher safe
  • 1 year limited warranty

Comparing Other Models

GoWise offers models ranging in price from $100-$300.  At the base is a 2.75-quart fryer with multiple styles and settings. Next is the 3.7-quart fryer with a few model options. The largest air fryer is the 8-in-1 XL at 5.8 quarts. You can visit GoWise HERE to see all of the models and their unique features.

Shop for the Go Wise Air Fyer HERE.

Twenty-five days of Air Frying

I then turned to a thirty-day mission to make something in the air fryer every day for the next month to really test is variability, convenience, and durability.

Here is what I made:

Day 1: French toast sticks

Day 2: Fried eggs

Day 3: Egg in a hole (from the GoWise recipe book)

Day 4: Sweet potato fries

Day 5: Kale chips

Day 6: Green beans

Day 7: Baked apples for breakfast covered in coconut sugar, flaxseed, and cinnamon.

Day 8: Firehouse tacos

Day 9: Buffalo cauliflower wings

Day 10: Curly fries

Day 11: Chicken nuggets (my own recipe)

Day 12: “Simply Potaotes” hash browns

Day 13: Baby creamer potatoes

Day 14: Chicken Tenders

Day 15: Turkey Bacon

Day 16: Broccoli

Day 17: Zucchini chips

Day 18: Smores banana boat

Day 19: Fried cauliflower rice

Day 20: Ranch chickpeas

Day 21: Salmon and potatoes

Day 22: Berry cobbler

Day 23: Baked potato

Day 24: Tortilla Chips

Day 25: Sweet Potato Toast

Maybe you’re ready to invest in an air fryer or maybe you already have one and feel re-inspired.  Either way, you need ideas! I searched and tested many recipes and found a few unique, healthy, and pretty awesome ones to share to get you started.

Check out these 10 air fryer recipes that are musts in your life.  By the way…they are simple and quick too!

  1. Baked sweet potato from Courtneyssweets.com
  2. Berry cobbler from Healthyslowcooking.com
  3. Banana smores from Meredithlauranece.com
  4. Ranch flavored chickpeas from glueandglitter.com
  5. Salt and vinegar zucchini chips from sugarfreemom.com
  6. Sockeye salmon and potatoes from meredithlaurence.com
  7. Cauliflower tater tots from meredithlaurence.com
  8. Fried cauliflower rice from glueandglitter.com
  9. Curly fries (recipe coming soon to the blog)
  10. Healthy chicken nuggets

At the end of the day, the air fryer produces what many people are after. A quicker and more convenient way to cook food. I am constantly helping clients find ways to bring more real-food options into their diet in a way that is simple, and convenient.

Shop for the Go Wise Air Fyer HERE.

Any tool, including an air fryer, that increases the willingness and likeliness to eat more real food is a WIN in my book.


Do you have an Air Fryer?

What is your favorite thing to cook in it?


Work Hard Be Kind,



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