Lost over 150 pounds

Client Success Story: Over 150 Pounds of Loss

Age: 34

Time frame: 1 Year

The new year seems to bring a shift in our minds…a fresh start to make intentions for the year ahead. As a coach, I’ve learned that the great majority of the population struggles with that one single part, the START. Going from zero to one is sometimes the biggest struggle in a person’s health journey.

One client made that commitment to start and never EVER looked back, and lost over 150 pounds (yep…you read the right!).  She began her transformation alone and then reached out to me when she realized her journey was about more than food.  It was about mindset, about overcoming her fear of food, about awareness and being an example as a mother and wife.

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It’s been incredible to be a part of her transformation. The pictures she is willing to share are mind-blowing.  What they don’t capture though is how her internal transformation has been.  These pictures don’t show how she feels about herself now: how proud she is, how committed she is and how empowered she is on her journey to here.

She has made this journey eating REAL FOOD, no fancy gimmicks, just simple real food with balance, purpose, and awareness.  Her face in her progress pictures alone shows her transformation in confidence and happiness.

Her story is inspiring and is shared with the intent to help you realize that you too can make this journey…all you need to do is START!

Here is her story:

“Never in a million years did I think I would be sitting here sharing my “success” story. I have tried and failed so many times in the past.

My eating disorders started back in high school.  I had such an unhealthy relationship with food.  Now, I love food as many others do.  However, I always chose the unhealthy foods that left me hungry and wanting even more unhealthy foods.  This, of course, led to weight gain.

In high school, I started taking diet pills. Then I would work out like crazy in the gym and wouldn’t eat for days at a time.  When I would eat I would purge. The weight would always come off initially.  The minute I stopped taking the pills and went back to my old habits, my weight came right back on, plus so much more.

I then went on to try a weight loss center which helped me for a short while I was trying to lose weight for my little sister’s wedding. However, this diet was just not sustainable and it wasn’t a balanced either. I never even made it to the maintenance phase. So, once again I put all the weight back on and then some.


Making A Permanent Change

In December of 2016, my husband and I decided that enough was enough!  We deserved so much more and so did our two little girls. The needed to see what their parents were capable of and really see what a healthy balanced life looked like.  So, in January 2017 I started my journey at my heaviest weight EVER! I couldn’t believe that I had let myself get to that point but as a mom, I allowed the excuse of “I am just too busy and I just can’t put myself first.”

In January I severely cut my calories down to 700 a day.  I was working out 7 days a week and was exhausted and just felt terrible all of the time.  My little sister had talked to me about tracking my macros for a long time but I just wasn’t ready.  In late January something clicked and I knew if I didn’t make a drastic change, I wouldn’t be able to say I lost over 150 pounds.

Working With Amanda

This is when I reached out to Amanda.  I instantly felt the connection with her and knew this was it. This was my time! I started working with Amanda in May 2017. Amanda monitored me for a couple weeks and then began to bump up my numbers.  She has always been so mindful of my past relationship with food so she pushed me but NEVER to the point that I felt like I just couldn’t do it anymore.  She also suggested I cut a couple of days out of the gym, focusing on quality over quantity in training.  Amanda knows best so I followed her instructions.  Even after increasing my intake and lowering my number of days in the gym, I was still losing the weight.


Where I’m At Now

I have had rough days as I’ve lost over 150 pounds, but I’ve gained so much!  My thinking has completely shifted and I am learning that this is not an all or nothing lifestyle.  I have learned so much about myself and just how hard I can push myself along the way.  My girls and my husband are my driving force.  My girls now have a mom who can go out and play, has the energy to run and play sports with them all while seeing me lose the weight in a healthy way.

They help me cook, we grocery shop together so they can learn what it means to make the healthy choices at a young age. I have the most amazing support system.  From Amanda to my husband, my girls, my parents, and sisters. I am just beyond grateful to all of them.  I have been able to make such an amazing lifestyle change.  As of November 30, 2017, just 11 months into my journey, I have lost over 150 pounds (it’s actually a grand total of 172 pounds!).  I cannot wait to see what is in store for me in 2018!

I wake up every day and thank God for giving me this amazing opportunity with Amanda and for my support at home.”

What a difference ONE year makes.


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Work Hard Be kind,



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  1. Zoe
    Zoe says:

    Amazing and inspirational! Congratulations on your journey and transformation. Excited to see what 2018 has in store for you. xoxo


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