Progress Is In Imperfection

progress is in imperfection

I have a friend in my life who has the most amazingly creative brain. From her sense of style to her home decor, her eclectic edge is stunning. That creativity carries over to her ability to plan an event with such a unique and funky flair that it blows my mind. In fact, she is paid professionally to do this and does it well. Everything in her life echoes that same creative, event planning style that I just simply admire.

For years, I’ve desperately wanted that “flair” too.

But…I am just not that girl.

I never will be.

And that is okay.

Seeking Feedback

I recently surveyed my clients and newsletter subscribers. I asked them a series of questions about my service to them, their current struggles, and what content best supports their needs.

It’s nerve-racking to collect that data because it exposes all of your flaws and shortcomings through the eyes of those who trust you. However, I know in order to improve as a coach and business owner, I must attack my weaknesses and confront them head-on.

The following question was asked in the survey:

“What additional content would you like to see provided on my blog and other social media platforms?”

One response hit me in the gut.

The response read:

“You seem flawless from my perspective, so when you share how real you are it’s extremely relatable.”


I came to a screeching halt. Their response was a huge throat punch. The fact that a subscriber shared that with me was eye-opening as I am guilty of seeing only my flaws.

The truth is, I drop my kids at school with sleep lines, no makeup, in workout clothes, and sometimes I look completely disheveled. On most days I feel like the ‘hot mess express” coming in HOT (not hawt). I often look at other moms, dads, families with the same sentiment. They look like they’ve got a life so put together when I feel like I am at the deep end of the pool treading water.

What I realized is that each of us has our strengths. We each have that “thing” that we thrive on. That thing that makes us whole, that gives us purpose and that those that surround see as our gift. Another person’s strength can be so glaring when we know it is not our own.

My girlfriend has a creative planner gift.

My gift is food.

The Food Game

Food — really? That’s my strength?

Well kind of.

My gift is the ability to see food with a purpose. To teach people how to find balance in their food intake and in their food mindset. I love food, I have a passion for nutrition and health. Combined with my affinity for helping people, they all have come together to become my “thing.”

The Truth

I realized that from an outside perspective my progress, results, and day-to-day shares on social media may give the perception of “perfection.”  But all that glitters is certainly not gold.

But here is the reality…I am far from perfect.

Some days I have ZERO vegetables.  

Sometimes I tend to drink too much wine.

There are days, in a row, where I just can’t get to the gym because too much stuff has piled up on my plate and I am exhausted.

There are days I’d rather be in my PJs by 5.00 pm so I abandon my plan and get take out.

Sometimes I will step on the scale and start to feel defeated.

There are days I fill my brain with negative self-talk.

Sometimes I can’t keep my face out of the cashew pecan butter or ice cream, because they are just so darn delicious.

There are a whole lot of days that I am not perfect.

(Want to embrace your imperfections so you can take the next step in your healthy lifestyle? Check out my Feel Amazing Naked challenge by clicking here.)

The Difference

We all have our “thing.” But we spend far too much time focusing on other people’s strengths because we see them as our own weakness. As a result, our “thing” is buried down inside while our joy is stolen from us.

We all have days of imperfection. The fact of the matter is perfection isn’t even realistic. If we hold ourselves to a constant standard of perfection, we will be disappointed over and over.

How do we move past imperfection in our weaknesses to make progress?

The answer is consistency.

The progress is in imperfection. It’s the ability to not allow a few hours of imperfection turn to days and then weeks. It’s the ability to realize that life provides so much grey, we can’t always live in the black and white.  I have cultivated the strong ability to put the past behind me and rely on consistency, not perfection, to guide me toward my goal.

In fact, I thrive on it.

I have the ability to realize it isn’t about perfection it is about progress. That simple fact is what drives success.  I want people to know I am never perfect. But I am working hard to be better and make progress towards whatever goals I have, fitness or business related. Sometimes that goal is as simple as just “maintain” because life is spinning around me and I have to sacrifice something to make it all happen.

I leave my MyFitnessPal diary open to clients because I have zero to hide. I want them to see what I eat, even hold me accountable and realize I too have moments where I am not perfect. But those “moments” stay just moments.  I’ve put in the work to find balance in life and in the goals I have physically and mentally.

Progress is in imperfection. It creates power.

If you have a bad day, a bad meal it’s meaningless in the big picture of life. Each day is given to us as a fresh start to put our experiences, good and bad, behind us and move forward.  Results don’t come in a year or even two. Instead, it’s a continual work in progress over time and is always ongoing. Do you know what consistent work over time is?


It’s the power of enabling yourself to operate in the “grey” of life.  For many, learning to evolve from an “all or nothing” approach is a huge mindset shift.  It’s a skill applicable to all aspects of life.

When Nutrition Is Not Your Thing

Nutrition doesn’t have to be “all or nothing.” Having consistency to reel yourself back in after those rough life moments takes energy, grit and inside work. Healthy eating that supports your goals is a challenge for many people in life. You must begin to realize that your progress will come by making small consistent changes over time.

(Want to learn how to fill your body with real food to look and feel your best? Check out my Feel Amazing Naked challenge by clicking here.)

Nurture Areas That Aren’t Your Thing

I spent a long time working to get here.  My goals changed, life happened but still, I got there. Others got there faster and some are still working to get “there”. I am imperfect. I’m covered with stretch marks, scatterbrained, at times filled with negative self-talk and none the less, an average mom like so many others.

Consistency and effort over time have gotten me to this place and it will get you there too.  Embrace your “thing,” nurture the areas that aren’t your “thing” and welcome the imperfection in it all. Progress is in the experience, not perfection.  When we each are willing to share our “thing,” our passion…then we inspire others to be better as well.

Do you believe progress is in imperfection?

Work Hard Be Kind,


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