Food is amazing. Food is powerful. It is at the core of our survival. It is meant to be enjoyed and not bring feelings of guilt. Helping people change their food mindset to seeing FOOD as FUEL is the greatest gift I hope to give others. Food can be ENJOYED and FUEL your body at the same time. It can do so without compromising flavor, texture, satiation or FUN.

This eBook is a small collection of some of my favorite recipes. I can guarantee you will be using most of these recipes, if not all of them, in your weekly rotations. What is great about these recipes is that they’re easily adjustable to fit your specific needs during your nutritional journey, both macro and non-macro alike. They’re easy, family friendly, and most of all, darn delicious! All of my recipes use REAL food, nothing processed. Meaning my recipes have whole food ingredients in them.

I hope enjoy them and I’d love to hear about your favorites too!

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