What I Eat In A Day: Daily Grub Diary #4

what I ate today

Summer has come and gone! I spent the entire summer trying to find a groove in my work-life balance. Early mornings were my necessity to maximize my days with my kids. Now that I have almost mastered that balance we have another “new normal.”

I’ve realized new normals come often in life and we can choose to whine about it OR we can choose to kick its BUTT.

I chose the latter! So, here’s my updated what I ate today, and how I managed to eat so well during a busy day. 

What I Ate Today

Wednesday, July 26th

Wake Up: 4.30 alarm clock leads me directly to COFFEE! Lately, I have been replacing the butter in my coffee with coconut oil!


Breakfast has slowly become my favorite meal of the day (my husband loves that). I actually used to hate breakfast because I didn’t get very creative in the kitchen with it.  Once I worked towards discovering new foods I love for breakfast, it was on!

I was in desperate need of grocery shopping and I ate zero veggies all day the day before. S0 I stocked up and started getting them in early that day.

I used my KitchenAid spiralizer and made a huge batch of zucchini noodles for the rest of the week. While those spun, I also sliced 2 ounces of baby creamer potatoes that I had already meal prepped in my Instant Pot. Then, I sauteed them in the pan with a light spray of olive oil until golden brown.

I created zoodle nests (still raw) and topped each with potatoes and a runny yolk.

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This was a nutritious and filling breakfast. I mean, just look at that serving size! And while I was at it, I prepped the same for the next day’s breakfast! While things cooked, I also laid out shrimp and lean ground beef to defrost for our dinner.


Today was a working lunch. I knew I was deep in the middle of client emails, writing, and projects. So, I reached for an easy protein packed lunch. Today it was my favorite tuna from Trader Joe’s atop a bed of arugula (make sure to add in those greens) along with Milton’s gluten free rice crackers.

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For a little sweet something after I ate, I also reached for my obsession right now — a Figgy Pop.

Today I worked out in the afternoon. Now, this isn’t my favorite time of day. I tend to just feel more fatigued and slow because it isn’t my regular routine. The 8-9 am workout window is my jam, and I’ve grown used to that instead of working out in the afternoon.

Pre-Workout Snack

For a pre-workout snack, I prepared one of my go-tos. A rice cake with 2 tablespoons PB fit (mixed with water to create a creamy texture) and ½ sliced banana.  However, I’ve been really enjoying Lundberg’s newer rice cake stackers.  They are more thin and crispy and I like the overall crunchiness much more.  I feel like it’s a faux chip.


Dinner was exceptionally amazing if I do say so myself.

The kids (and my husband and I too) love the homemade chips I make. Tonight I decided to make tostada shells instead of regular chips.

While the meat sauteed in pans, I followed my homemade tortilla chip recipe (sans the cutting step) and allowed the shells to bake in the oven.

One of the main reasons I was inspired that evening to make tostadas was because a friend had also brought me fresh sweet corn from a farm in northern Arizona. I popped it in the microwave for about two minutes to soften it up and then cut it off the cob into a bowl.

Next, I added in fresh chopped cilantro, a dash of salt and lime juice to create a fresh, flavor-packed, and easy salsa to go on top of the tostadas.

As a “glue” for the tostada fixings I also mashed avocado and mixed in plain Greek yogurt to spread it a bit further (roughly 1:1 ratios).  The flavor is still rich in avocado taste but higher in protein, so it will help keep the whole family fuller, longer!

Evening Snack

I still mentally enjoy a snack after dinner.  I get great questions about what time frame is too late to eat. It is really a loaded question and depends on your normal schedule, meal size, and type of food making up the snack or meal.

Late evening meals of indulgent proportions that are not nutrient dense are vastly different in effect than consuming a nutrient dense, small portioned meal prior to bed. Research suggests that there may be positive effects for eating meals closer to bedtime as well.

I personally try to leave my digestive system to rest for 12 hours a day and typically try to finish my last snack before 7 to 8 pm and don’t eat breakfast until 7 to 8 the following morning.

I had just made fresh Cashew pecan butter the day before so I saved for some of it as a treat during the day.  Then I topped it with a few Enjoy Life Chips and boom, I was completely content! It was a sweet treat that didn’t have me feeling guilty or overindulgent. And that’s what I ate today!

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What healthy meals do you like to prepare on your busy days?

Work Hard Be Kind,