Daily Grub Diary #3: What I Ate In A Day

Daily Grub Diary #3

We are all such creatures of habit.  We tend to eat the foods we were raised on, shop in the same grocery stores and order the same things when we go out to eat.

I hate food habit.  I joke with people and say I have food (and workout) A.D.D.  I don’t like eating the same exact thing every day and I feel the same about my workouts.  I get bored fast and need something new to keep me motivated and compliant.  I think that is one of the main reasons I fell in love with Crossfit.

But I too fall victim to redundancy and have a few staples I gravitate towards in my busy life.  I am always open to suggestions and love when current and past clients send me food they think I must try (so keep it coming)!

I began my Grub Diaries to share with people what I eat in order add a little diversity into their own diet and get out of a food rut.  You can visit diary 1 here and diary two here.

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What I ate on April 13, 2017



My coffee is still more like a ritual.  I go to bed dreaming of it and wake up sprinting for it.  I guess I could be dreaming of worse, right?!?!

For breakfast I fried 1 whole and 2 egg whites up in a quick spray of olive oil.  I am often asked what I do with yolks.  My pets are the lucky recipients of those yolks most mornings and they are right at my feet waiting for them.

Alongside the eggs I toasted 2 slices of Little Northern Bakehouse Millet and Chia Seed bread. I spread 1 tablespoon of Costco Organic Peanut Butter between the 2 slices and 1 tablespoon of Crofters Superfruit Jam.  I recently found the Superfruit flavor and it has ZERO added cane sugar in it, just fruit.


While breakfast cooked I threw a Chuck Roast into the Crock Pot to cook all day with 1 jar of mild banana peppers to make my own version of Italian beef.




The night before I had made one of our favorite recipes, a Paleo spin on Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana.  I use  a modified version of the recipe from I usually leave out the bacon or butter to reduce fat.  In my opinion, you just don’t need it. I also use white sweet potatoes for a hint of sweet to the savory flavor of the soup.  I saute the meat and then let it cook with the broth, and potatoes and spices all day.  Then roughly a ½ hour before we eat I add in fresh shredded kale and 1 cup coconut milk as the recipe suggests.  And I promise, you can’t even taste a hint of the coconut flavor in it.  I think it tastes even yummier the day after too.



I was still a bit hungry after the soup so I opted for some veggies to leave more space in my day for dinner (because I love what was to come).  So I sliced up some cucs and mini sweet peppers, poured 1-2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar over top with salt and pepper to taste.  So yummy!



About two hours after lunch I knew I would be grabbing the kids from school and sneaking in a quick workout.  I hate working out hungry.  I feel like it zaps the energy right out of me.

My pre-workout snack was a rice cake topped with 1 tablespoon PB Fit and half a sliced banana (and I ate the other half alone).  This is a go-to snack for me. The crunch, with the sweet and salty makes me happy.


I wanted to share a super simple recipe in this post that you can prep ahead and can fit into a busy life. My house smelled fantastic all day with the chuck roast cooking in my Crock pot.

About thirty minutes before it was done I sauteed cauliflower rice in 1 teaspoon avocado oil (you can easily leave this out to save room on fat) and a small amount of vegetable broth to soften.  I love cauliflower rice to add volume to a rice dish and to sneak in that additional vegetable serving. In another pan I followed the directions on the Lundberg Basmati rice to prep it and boom…it was so dang good.


Bedtime Snack:

I love a snack somewhere after dinner but not too close to bed.  It is never anything heavy and frequently it is this: 1 tablespoon of my fresh homemade cashew pecan butter (recipe coming soon to the blog) that I save for all day and a few Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips.

So, cheers to food diversity and continually trying something new while still working in that something we love each day.

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Work Hard Be Kind,


Daily Grubb Diary #2

Dang — I swear I blinked and it was 2017. My first daily grub diary was well received and gave people some simple ideas that they can incorporate into their day.  So, here I go again, sharing me getting my grub on.

Gimme All The Food

Since November 1st I have been working toward being in a surplus on intake or “massing” phase (at least that is the cool way of saying it).  Really it is just a purpose-driven phase of weight gain, not an “eat all the Oreos you can” kind of weight gain. I am lifting much more and doing much less cardio to try and gain muscle in the process.

It has been awesome and perfect time around the holidays when life is a bit crazy for sure.  So far, I am up 7 pounds from my starting weight and working for another few, nice and controlled. I eat a lot and I love it. It won’t always be this way, but I look forward to what the pay off will be on the flip side. So here’s what I ate today for weight gain.

(Want to make healthier choices with your food? Check out my Feel Amazing Naked challenge by clicking here.)

What I Ate In A Day, Monday, January 2nd, 2017

5:00 Am Wakeup and Pre-Workout:

I was up early this morning to start my lifting before coaching so my normal routine was a bit interrupted. Usually, my breakfast serves as my pre-workout as well. I don’t typically train early so today I ate something small to top off my tank but not upset my belly.

Today it was leftover Krusteaz Gluten Free Pancakes. We have a Sunday morning tradition of a big family breakfast as my hubby is coming off shift and the start of our weekend begins. I lucked out with some leftover pancakes — yes! On top of them, I spread a current addiction of mine, the Wildfriends Pumpkin Peanut Butter that a friend introduced me to. So good! And both were perfect for a pre-workout carb up! And of course, I enjoyed my usual morning coffee. Before I left the house I put out chicken breasts to defrost to keep me on track for dinner time.




Post Workout Snack

After my lifting session, I took my normal whey protein shake and topped it off with a go-to of mine… baby food. I know, weird right? But it is so simple, great quality, and easy if I have to work or coach right after I lift. That morning I had one of my favorites, Happy Baby Spinach, Apples and Kale flavor.




Snack #2

I never leave home without snacks. It’s not just for my kids, but for me too. Ask my husband (and my parents), I go from zero to HANGRY real fast. A few hours into coaching I was starving and got in a quick snack, an Rx Bar. I love these bars. Simple ingredients like dates, some type of nut(s) and egg whites are all they’re made up of.  The Chocolate Sea Salt and Maple are my favorite.  (Click here to check out the awesome variety pack on Amazon).



Finally. It was lunchtime! I have been on a major sushi kick lately. I crave it all the time, so naturally, I can’t deprive my body. I just need the Omega 3s. I love a local sushi restaurant that offers some great lunch specials. I opted for the Bento Box on this day which included 2 pieces of tuna sashimi, 2 pieces of salmon sashimi, a 5 (huge) piece California Roll, 3 oz Teriyaki chicken, seaweed salad and cucumber salad. It was AMAZING!






Just as a note: You shouldn’t have to be a victim to the scale and you shouldn’t ignore your goals either. I eat out now and then and use my food awareness to help me make my food choices. I know both the consequence and the reward of eating out now and then…and I am content with accepting both at the right time.


I was in desperate need of doing some grocery shopping after the holidays, so I had to get creative with what I had at home. I opted for a new recipe I wanted to make after trying it a New Year’s Eve party. It was Gluten Free Girl’s Brussel Sprout Salad and I happened to have the sprouts and just got a few fresh pomegranates from a friend.

It was incredible, and so delicious. I dialed down some of the olive oil in the dressing and passed on the cheese this time and it was still super good. Along with the salad, I browned a few chicken breasts in a pan with garlic and spices and opted for some Earthbound Sweet Potatoes I had in my freezer.  The whole meal turned out so good and the kids and hubby loved it just as much as I did. I seriously love when I have to get creative with what’s at home and then they all love it!




So there it is. Just another day in the life of me, seeking balance and trying to fuel my body. It is never perfect but each day is mindful, consistent, and different than the next. Variety is the spice of life —literally!

What are your favorite healthy options when eating out?

Work Hard, Be Kind,