On-The-Go Snack Bars Worth Buying

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You are on the go every day.

Aren’t we all?

You need something you can grab real quick to hold you over during the middle of your shift, while you are out in the field, or between patients or clients. Bars have turned into a staple in many diets. I need them occasionally too, even when working from home.

Some On-The-Go Snack Bars Are Crap

Here is the real deal — some of them are crap. They are filled with a ton of junk to make them taste good and mask what is really in them. I’ve spent some time eating them (hey, it’s dirty work, but somebody has got to do it), working out after eating them, reading their labels, and checking their cost to bring you my favorites that don’t break the bank and aren’t complete junk.

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I enjoy them at different times in my day and for very different reasons. Some are great for pre-workout, some are great as meal replacements, and sometimes they just satisfy a sweet craving. I compiled my list taking into consideration a few things: ease of purchase, taste, texture, ingredient list, size, and cost (under $2 per bar).

All of the bars I mention below are gluten-free (because that is how I roll) and can be purchased at most local health food stores or via Amazon. I also included the Fooducate ratings (for my own curiosity). If you haven’t checked out Fooducate do so by clicking here, it is a super cool resource.  I will mention that no bar will be able to receive an “A” rating because they are a processed food (not in original form).

The opinions in the review are all my own, as no product line has paid me for their advertisement.

On-The-Go Bar Options

Pure Organic

These bars are great for plant-based eaters and carnivores alike. They taste super yummy and have some simple ingredients. They are sweet, more like a sweet treat option, and have a chewy texture made with all real, plant based ingredients including dates and nuts.

Protein Source: Brown rice and pea protein

Ingredients To Note: All real food organic ingredients

Where You can Buy: Sprouts or Amazon

Cost: Less than $2 on sale

Size: 1.7oz (48g)

Fooducate Rating: C

Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO

Vega Protein+Snack Bars

Another great Vegan option out there is the Vega bar. This bar is also made with plant based ingredients including dates and nuts and a host of plant based bonuses. They are rich in taste and also on the super sweet side.

Protein Source: Organic sprouted whole grain brown rice protein and pea protein

Ingredients To Note: The ingredient list is long on these bar, mostly familiar and pronounceable.  There is organic sugar added in but the cool part is there are many plant additives for micro nutrient density.

Where You can Buy: Sprouts or Amazon

Cost: Less than $2 on sale

Size: 1.7 oz (49g)

Fooducate Rating: B

Certified Gluten Free, Non-GMO, and Vegan

Rx Bars

These are my favorite for a host of reasons. Each bar is made up of egg whites, dates, and nuts, primarily with other small additions for flavor variance. You can go to the Rx site and find them for a great price or shop them here on Amazon. My favorite flavor is Maple Sea Salt, although it is harder to find. The texture of the bars is firm and I always feel satiated after eating one because of the density.

Protein Source: Egg whites and nuts

Ingredients To Note: Their slogan is “No BS” because there is literally no junk in them with less than 6 real food ingredients per bar.

Where You can Buy: Sprouts or Amazon

Size: 1.83 oz (52g)

Fooducate Rating: B+

No gluten, no soy, no diary, and no added sugar

Nugo Dark Bars

This bar is a treat!  They have several delicious flavors, with my favorite being the Salted Caramel Pretzel. In all honesty, it’s heath value is not high. When I have a craving for something sweet I will have a Nugo Bar as a little Pre-workout treat.

Protein Source: Soy Protein Isolate

Ingredients To Note: This bar has an ingredient list that is inferior to others mentioned in the post.  What I do love is that it is a gluten free bar I work in every once in awhile to enjoy a treat.

Where You can Buy: Sprouts or Amazon

Cost: Generally always under $2

Ingredient Notes: This bar does contain a larger sugar content than others mentioned within.

Size: 1.8oz (50g)

Fooducate Rating: C

Certified Gluten Free, Non-GMO, and Vegan

Nugo Slim and other Nugo Options: Worth the mention, is Nugo’s newest bar called the Nugo Slim. It is a lower fat version (only by a few grams) with a similar ingredient list. However, the taste is strong of sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners to me.  For the small shift in nutrients, I’d rather eat the real deal. They have a host of other bars as well, with a varying degree of ingredients and quality.

OatMega Bars

I discovered this bar years ago when preparing snacks for a family Disney trip. I hate eating at theme parks because the food is often average in taste with above average prices.  We try to pack our lunch in and eat only one time in the park or in Downtown Disney.

I remember being so hungry and busting out my first Oatmega bar and it was love at first bite. My favorite flavor is the Chocolate Peanut Crisp. I have lots of girlfriends that say the Mint Chocolate is the best but I am not a fan of mint chocolate anything (tear).

Protein Source: Grass Fed Whey

Ingredients To Note: High quality, mostly organic ingredients including responsibly caught fish oil additives.

Where You can Buy: Sprouts or Amazon

Cost:  Just under $2 on sale

Size: 1.8oz/50g

Fooducate Rating: B

GoMacro Bars

I love the name…totally genius move on their part amidst the macro craze. But when you pick up the the bar to read the label you realize…wow. To me, it is more like a meal replacement bar rather than a snack. This bar is great for someone who finds they need foods that are a big bang for their buck because they have a small appetite, can’t eat a large volume in one sitting, or who might be in a gaining phase and have has lots of food to fill. My favorite is the sunflower butter and chocolate flavor called “Protein Purity.”

Protein Source: Brown rice and nut butter (mostly)

Ingredients To Note: They use mostly all organic ingredients, even fair trade chocolate when included, with no artificial sweeteners.

Where You can Buy: Sprouts or Amazon

Cost:  $2 on sale

Size: 2.3oz/65G

Fooducate Rating: B

Certified Gluten Free, Soy Free, Non-GMO, and Vegan

Overall a quick bar can be a great hold over when you are in a bind and on-the-go. However, there truly is no substitute for real food. Most bars contain a sweetener, even all natural, which can make the bar option even more enticing. Eat in moderation of course. The biggest trade off is that most good quality bars contain a higher fat to protein ratio because of that quality. So plan for it and make it work for your goals.

(Want to learn how to fill your body with real food to look and feel your best? Check out my Feel Amazing Naked challenge by clicking here.)

Do you have a favorite Bar I need to try?

Work Hard Be Kind,