Senita Athletics Spring Review

Senita Athletics Spring Review

The summer hit us hard.  Wait…I meant spring:(

In AZ we went from winter coats and beanies to booty shorts and tanks in a matter of days.

I am not ready to fully commit to summer.  I still need a few months of keeping my house open to the spring breeze, picnics in the park and gorgeous morning runs until I am confined to either the swimming pool or inside an air conditioned building.

What I am slightly excited about is busting out my summer workout gear and exposing my skin to a bit more vitamin D.  Maybe you can totally relate..there is something special about feeling the sun on your skin in the middle of a workout that really makes me feel alive.

Senita Fall Review

When the weather was cooling down last fall, I had the opportunity to review Senita Athletics Clothing.  An AZ based company that creates affordable workout clothes that look good, feel good and move good.  I love the Denali Starry Night leggings they sent me and the review was a major hit with my readers.  So much so, they reached out and asked me to review some adorable Spring workout gear that is available just in time for the HEAT!

Since then more Senita additions have joined my workout wardrobe, including my most favorite, the Criss Cross leggings in pine green (pictured below).  I get the most compliments on them and you can wear them with street clothes as well (double win).

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Booty, Booty, Booty Rocking Everywhere

I love me some booty shorts.  But not the kind that are so super short that I might have a cheek slip out when I squat.  They are cute on some girls, but my legs are long, and they just don’t seem to fit me right.

I am always on the hunt for some booty shorts that fit my booty snug, hold me in and have the right inseam length for just the right amount of booty, but nothing more (lol).  It is HOT in the summer in AZ and too much clothing makes you feel like you are trapped in an endless sauna.

When Senita sent me their Rio shorts I was excited to give them a go and test them against a few other favorites I own. These shorts have a 3.5 inch inseam which is just right for my comfort level with long legs.  I love the upper thigh pocket so I can slip my phone into it to listen to music while I run or lift.

The price is $22…less than half of what I have paid at a competitor for essentially the same shorts.  I can’t justify the $50+ price tag at all for shorts that offer less.  Although I find that their crops run on the larger end and recommend a size down, these shorts were true to size and fit me just right.

Tie Back Tee

I am currently obsessed with shirts that you can throw a cute sports bra or bralette under for a little accent to a gym outfit.  One of my favorites is a tie back shirt.  I have seen a few tie back shirts out there by expensive brands that I could never bring myself to spend that much money on, unless it was second hand.

When I saw Senita had a tie back tank that just dropped on Instagram I knew I had to have it. And it sits right at the top with the other brand name competitor styles.

When it arrived I busted open the package and was pleasantly surprised by the feel of the fabric.  It was super soft, stretchy and not a light cotton feel like I expected. This tank is only $20.  I think they could stand to charge a bit more in all honesty.  I love it and would buy it in more colors.  I love the cut in the front and the fact that you can wear it tied or undone too.  It paired nicely with my Sarah Sports Bra in Bahamas print too, the first piece of Senita clothing I ordered because I loved the print.

Check our Senita and add their gear to your wardrobe!

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Work hard Be Kind,


All opinions in this review are my own.  I was provided workout gear in exchange for my honest product review.

Thank you to Senita for the great partnership and super cute gear.

Thank you to  my lovely friend “E” for snapping some great pics too!



Senita Athletics Product Review

Our Old Ways

When we were first married we spent money like it was going out of style.  Not on high dollar large items, but on dinners out, name brand clothing and other crap we didn’t need.  We look back at each other now and are disappointed in our old selves for not being mature in our spending habits.

When I left my ten-year career as a high school science teacher to begin building my coaching business, we took a huge leap of faith, sold my husband’s favorite Toyota Tacoma and used that money to see if we could survive without my income.

Good news is..we did.

But not without major sacrifices, lifestyle changes and behavioral changes that we learned from our friend Money Peach.  Thanks to all of these things we invested in ourselves in improving our relationship with money and have learned so much along the way.

I Live in Workout Clothes..don’t judge me (please:)

One big learning curve for me was buying athletic clothes.  I train 5-6 times a week, coach multiple CrossFit classes and work from home as a nutrition coach–so let’s be honest I pretty much live in workout clothes.

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I quickly realized expensive brands were no longer in my budget (well…the really never were).  From that point in my life, I am always on the hunt for awesome athletic clothing that looks adorable on, is stylish, sucks everything in really nicely (what mom doesn’t love that part?) and does not break the bank.

When a friend showed me the Senita Athletics website I was totally intrigued.  Senita is a locally owned company based out of Tempe, Arizona started by two moms who wanted more from their lives and left their jobs to become entrepreneurs in December 2015. Do the math–that wasn’t that long ago.  Their story was enough for me to give support; I can relate!  I love their passion to provide quality workout clothes to women at a price that is completely justifiable to the budget and aligns with all the trending styles.

Their Products

Senita has a great range of products including running and fitted shorts, crops and pants, tees, jackets, new joggers and other accessories.  Enter the Denali Legging in “Starry Night” print (retail price $40). When the package arrived I was totally stoked! The fabric was soft, stretchy and held everything in nicely when I slipped them on.

The print was unique and colors popped.  I’ve been wearing the Denali’s for both conditioning and lifting.  In both instances they stay in place, don’t bunch up and major bonus—they are NOT see through!  I am 5’8″ weighing roughly 135 lbs and found a small to fit just right.



Since then, I decided to splurge and treat myself to a pair of their Fierce Capris in plum (retail price $35) and Fierce Pants in black (retail price $38)  along with my favorite print the Sarah Sports Bra in “Bahamas” (retail price $26).   The capris fit well, stay in place and have come out of the washer nicely after any washes.  The sports bra is an adorable print and great for a low impact training day.  It would not provide enough support for me during HIIT or run.

I also love that they have added options to their clothing to hold a cell phone or slip a key into while training outdoors, going for a run, working at home or just running to the store.  This was a major bonus for me!

You can also join my FREE 7 Day Challenge to start feeling awesome in your workout gear and naked HERE!

My Overall Rating:

Senita has proven to be I would suggest sizing down because I found things to be slightly on the larger end of the size spectrum.  I have sized down in everything I’ve ordered and have been content.  Most items tend to be on the less “fitted” size to provide a more conservative look and feel.  My only complaint (and a good one for them to have) is that they sell out quickly.  If you see something you like, snag it fast because their prices are so competitive items don’t last long on the website.

If you are ready to start making changes in your health to feel confident, join me in my FREE 7-day challenge here!

Work Hard Be Kind,


Shope Senita here:

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Special thanks to my super talented friend Erika for the great pics and to Senita for providing me the cute leggings in exchange for my honest review!