What is Abundance?

I recently traveled across the globe on a vacation with five other couples.

That’s twelve people traveling together, staying in a house for seven nights in a foreign country.

I’ve never even vacationed with two other couples, let alone an entire dozen under one roof.

To say this was a new experience for me was an understatement.

I was hesitant and filled with self-doubt. Yet I was excited, ready, and open.

The trip was filled with new experiences, a ton of laughs, and moments of truly intimate conversation.

Born from one of those conversations, over sushi and a glass of wine, came the motivation to share something I had been struggling with for years.

what is abundance

Scarcity sucks

I’ve been competitive my entire life.  In sports, academics, friendships, business, and yep, pretty much everything. Competition can be healthy, but not when you are competing with the intention to beat out others rather than improving yourself.

I’ve realized in the last few years that much of my competition was rooted in scarcity.

Scarcity is a relatively new term for me (I am totally late to the party).

In case you are too, scarcity means that you live in the belief that there is not enough. Not enough time, not enough business, and not enough love.

I am embarrassed to admit that this is new for me after 36 years of living. But perhaps it came into my life exactly when I needed it.

I was finally ready.

Limited self-beliefs

There have been so many times in my life where I’ve felt like an outcast. The awkward girl standing at the party, surrounded by so many people, yet feeling alone like I didn’t belong.

I bounced from friendship to friendship because I always questioned my actions and their reactions to me.  

Was I good enough?  

What if I say the wrong thing?

Do they even like me?

I was a grown A$$ woman and still struggling to feel confident in my friendships.

The reality though is that nobody made me feel like I didn’t belong. I told MYSELF I didn’t belong, that I wasn’t worthy of certain friendships, that I was lesser-than.

I’d continue to open myself up to more social situations in hopes that they would be different. But they all ended the same way.

These were my self-limiting beliefs, stories I’d told myself for so long, that I had no awareness of them even being told.

Until now.

I’ve lived with that self-limiting belief for long enough. I guarded my heart for fear of rejection, fear of failure, and fear of let down. By bringing this into awareness, the tides began to change.

Scarcity stunts growth

Self-limiting behaviors prevent you from being who you really are. You are so afraid that there isn’t enough that you have to pretend sometimes in order to be the winner.

If you want to evolve as a person, it requires practice to move from scarcity to abundance. When we think with limits, we see the glass as constantly half empty.  In the words of Ed Mylett, abundant thinkers believe, “that life is happening for them, and not to them.”

I refuse to let history repeat itself anymore

My former beliefs are no different than the ones I find my clients holding. They’ve told themselves for years that they don’t have time for themselves, that they aren’t worthy of self-love and confidence, and that they don’t deserve the investment of health.

But what it takes is one person, one incident, one conversation to help unearth that limiting belief and bring it into consciousness.

Once it comes into awareness, you can start to tear down those walls and work toward creating habits that break down those beliefs. What emerges is the realization that the investment should have been made years ago.

When we start on a journey of growth, no matter our age, it is a commitment to never going back to where we were. It honors the experiences we’ve had but it’s also a guarantee that those negative ones won’t be repeated.

What is abundance? (and how to live abundantly)

Just as the sun needs the moon, peanut butter needs jelly, and hate needs love, you must experience scarcity to begin to live in abundance.

Duality is a reality.

And that sounds really woo-woo coming from me.  But it’s true (and I kinda like it).

Rock bottom, the lows, and the struggles reveal the highs.

I realized I was living in a space that was deeply rooted in my ego, not in love. I believe it was the finding of my passion and the birth of my business that began to expose this ugly side of me.

And I am forever grateful.

It forced me into a path of shifting my thinking from struggle to opportunity. I began to realize that if I wanted to think bigger and get rid of judgment and truly answer up to what I felt in my heart, I had to change too.

I had to create an abundant mindset.

In the words of a great mentor of mine, Lesia Peterson from www.wealthclinic.com:

“To feel abundant means knowing in the moment that you are enough — that you are whole and complete, regardless of what you have or don’t have, are doing or not doing.  An awareness of abundance allows you to recognize how every living thing is complete and whole by design including you.  If you want to feel more abundant, learn how to allow and accept your own wholeness.  If you want to feel abundance all the time, learn how to extend this awareness from moment to moment until all your days are filled with these moments. “

What does an abundant mindset look like?

Abundance is not a place, but a journey. In all honesty, scarcity challenges abundance daily just as it’s supposed to. It ain’t always pretty or adorned glitter and rainbows. Sometimes it sucks you in and you have to claw your way out of it.

Abundant minds know that there are plenty of fish in the sea. They think big instead of small. They are willing to admit fault and take responsibility for their actions. They are willing to say they don’t know and be a beginner. Abundant thinkers celebrate the success of others and know their worth isn’t less because of another person’s success. They also feel they are designing their own life every single day.

Health and abundance

How are health and abundance connected? I believe they go hand in hand.

When a client reaches out to me, they themselves have already identified their need for change.

Change happens faster and is much greater when we abandon the “poor me” scarcity mindset and embrace abundant thinking.

The road to paving a healthy lifestyle is much deeper than food.

It’s about learning about self, learning how you respond to change, and learning to think BIG. So big that you realize that your body is a temple and to be abundant in all areas of life, it must come first.

If I can help a client make that one connection in our work together then I have walked away with a big old WIN.

You must practice

Creating an abundant mindset is just like creating healthy eating habits, they both require practice. The habit of planning a weekly menu, grocery shopping, and meal prepping takes practice. Once you bring the awareness into your consciousness that these are habits that you need to work on, repetition begins to develop the habit.

Abundant thinking is no different. That positive thinking drives the desire to want better for yourself in all areas of life, including your health, fitness, and relationships.

Surround yourself with people who make you better

One of the biggest struggles I often hear from clients on their journey to healthy living is that they are lonely because they aren’t surrounded with like-minded souls.  

I too have discovered the importance of this in my life.

It is impossible to grow with individuals in your life who don’t support your desire to get better and level up. If you find yourself trying to justify why you are eating a chicken breast over pizza, this just might be you.

It’s time to invite them along in your journey to healthy living and abundant thinking too. Fair warning though, they may not be ready and that’s okay. You do you boo, and they will eventually see the value of what is waiting for them too.

Vacation vibes

Abundant thinking has shown me that there is enough. By changing my mind I am changing my life. In my work, in my relationships, and in my health.

I’ve recently been reading Lori Harder’s “A Tribe Called Bliss”, which pretty much speaks to my season of life (you can shop for it HERE on Amazon).

She writes, “And suddenly she realized she didn’t need an eraser for her past, but a pen to a beautiful ending.”

My scarcity mentality is a part of how I arrived here today and will give me the experiences to create what happens moving ahead.

No matter how imperfect I am or how much I may struggle, the more I follow my heart and drown out the noise, the happier I become.

If you want better, you must seek it. You have to put in the work and life will begin to shift.

One simple dinnertime conversation on a vacation that took me so much bravery to attend brought me full circle.

Our worth is our own. It is in our hands to choose abundance and surround ourselves with others who chose it too.

Are you ready to choose abundance?

Work Hard Be Kind,


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